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~ Is it possible for Ascension through your sexuality? Answer yes, it is possible with Ascension through your sexuality. Think about what the word sexuality means to you in your present life. How do you use your own sexuality? What other words do you associate with your sexuality? Sexuality is and remains a powerful tool that provides a clear path to higher consciousness and your spiritual power. You choose how you use your own sexuality, in words, actions and imagination. Everything is good nothing hurt anyone or something. This is happiness, joy and unconditional love. Words we use are only there to help find the focus, direction, path, and be able to put this into practice and all of this to make it happen for the best, good within and outside ourselves. Nothing should be done to harm anyone or anything. Respect comes before love, love is also to respect all life. You are important but it´s about your goal, if your purpose is something that benefits only yourself, that you should be visible and your passion for your purpose does not come first, this is not a good purpose. Know your vision, know your purpose, know where you're from, and wherever you're going, even when it's sometimes impossible, never stop working on what you believe in your soul, your intuition, if your heart says it´s the right way.
You never win over any other person, you can only win over yourself. That is to say, you win over your old ways of thinking and working, and this you do when you consciously work on yourself, then you can compare yourself now with how you were before and see your own progress. This is to win seriously. Use others jealousy as you move forward in your life, use the envy of others to tell you that you need to adjust where you pay attention, these adjustments can take short or less short time, seen from the linear timeline perspective. There are signs, divine signs you can see along your way forward, that make you know, you're on the right track. Without the moments of temporary hesitation, you can not see where to make your choices, do not be angry with the resistance and things beyond you that you can not influence, understand instead that they are there for you, to see your own change, and what it means. This can be a very wild trip my dear, a very wild path. So do have FUN with it!
Ascension is something we choose, although it is said that everyone is affected by all the wonderful energies, vibrations and light codes that are sent to Mother Earth in this very special time we are experiencing now, and all of us who are living here now. We are affected by all this, it is true. But if we want to act as more conscious beings on earth and increase our vibration, our consciousness and therefore rise in dimensions, we need to consciously take some steps that involve some focused intension and focused understanding, thinking and We need to experience and go straight through!
Use your own sexuality in a good and boundless way, insert this into a good purpose and conscious awareness of your expanding heart chakra and your Chrystaline Soul now! Namaste and I wish you a wonderful and joyful weekend my dear friend! Good luck. Freja    2017-07-21

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