How A Genuine Healer Live And Develop Does It Have Any Importance?

 by Freja Enjoy

   When a person needs help and advice from someone else in society, where does he / she turn? How do they work in communities that claim to help people? And perhaps above all, how do the people working in these establishments claim to help people? What is a good help? Who trusts people? What causes people to resort to and trust institutions, institutions and people who have repeatedly proved to have an opposite effect - ie Do not help? No choice? What does it cost? What do people put their money on - really? Some is called "Alternative Medicine" what is this, I mean “IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE IN 3D SOCIETY”?  To me there is Genuine and First Class Medicine and there is Bad Medicine. I work with and give out Good Medicine, a medicine that enters your DNA, and that changes all of you as human to what you can become, but if you choose the Bad Medicine you break down and kill the good in your body and soul that is genuine, natural and filled with joy and happiness. For Joy and Happiness yes, this is Our Natural State. All that is harmful is Bad medicine. What gives our society out of signals? That it's tough to be a cold and hard person without any feelings and un not emotional creature? That aliens and extraterrestrials aliens are terrible and ugly creatures? That angels do you meet when you die – or – not …? That you only need to go to church once a week and there you get the forgiveness of sins, then you go out into society and wrap around and hurt yourself and everything in your environment with your unconscious behavior? That you can go to a doctor, a psychologist, a hospital and a healthcare center as soon as little things in your life feel painful or not "good", and there you will thank and amen for everything they say, do and give you? Now many will respond with a NO. But how are they/you doing in their/your lives/life, in practice?
I have not liked how TAROT is spread through different ways of publishing advertising. This has been a reason why I have been waiting since 1994 to start marketing my knowledge, and I have worked for free all these years, and myself living at the minimum of existence, just because I believed that people should/ would, see the good I have done and does. But not, not like what happen when you begin to work and charge people for it… its how it works in Sweden…  
   So, I have a long list of people who have incredible good recommendations about me and my work and good things to tell about me and how I manage to make people open up and see the light, albeit temporarily, there`s 3d here in Sweden still… people they dare not let go of their old beliefs systems yet … but I'm talking about what some groups of people are getting accepted, while others are not. I am talking about whole communities and group mentality and group PRESS. Do you know what I'm talking about then? I know these areas inside and outside, now and before, I can say I'm an expert. I've lived through all of this and I know what it's like to be looked down at and bullied, because I was a positive and happy girl, how the norms of society wanted me to look like a bureaucracy with some external attributes and behaviors. I did never I never went on with the expectation others had of me, if this did not match my Heart! Unfortunately, very unfortunately, as a child, I was forced to stand up with a lot of misconduct because the family "owns" you in the eyes of the authorities.  I have worked for the release of all of this, which is a human birthright. I HAVE NOW AND ALWAYS WORK FOR EVERYTHING WHAT IS AND CREATE TRUE FREEDOM RELEASE MISSION FOR PEOPLE - AS THIS IS NATURAL POSITION - TO BE HAPPY AND ENJOY LIFE - THIS IS NATURAL !
  I have been stuck in the 3D community myself  in some ways, and tried to find help there, this was close to costing me life, more than once. How did I get back to myself? Through my Shamanic techniques, my meditations and my Dolphin Yoga, which means I have contact with my Higher Self, my Intuition and my Inner Voice. How have I become as strong and knowledgeable as I am now? I have always been strong and knowledgeable. But I have not found the places and people I can communicate with in a way where I felt that I have come to my justice, and all the light, love and joy I love to influence people with and to,  I like to give. At the same time, I have really found exactly the places where I had been able to Perform my Light Ceremonies, and I was able to Enlighten so many people that new light strands have started, and continue into society.
   Many are the people who have explicitly asked me to stay in different places I've moved from. I have moved very many times during my life. Many are the people who have come to me for advice and to be listened to who have got what they most needed of me and I never took any payment because they were everywhere in the community, colleagues, neighbors, the library, health center, the university, cafes, buses, taxis, airports, yes, virtually everywhere where I've been, people have talked to me about their private and personal things that they have often never told anyone else about.
   No, I did not want to be one of all these Tarot ladies who give information about what day you should meet your husband or when you become a millionaire! My Divine Lessons/Readings, teach you how to take care of yourself in a self-healing way, inside and out, I give out and give you teachings in how to become an independent being and I have the deepest experiences a creature on this earth may have about what it looks like When it's like it was not meant to be, and this is what a real experienced and good healer should have, but they are very rare, very rare.  And I've left this behind me now. I am now 62 years old/young and I know how you can be young your whole life and actually become younger in your body over the years, not the contrary. I know how to get rid of a series of the most serious diseases that doctors and physiotherapists claim is impossible to change or get rid of, I know and I can teach you this, I have not yet begun this part of my teachings because my adventure workshops will come first and I Have strong reasons why I chose this scheme. I know what I'm doing, from my heart and my soul.
   But what's best with me, I think, is that in all this deep and difficult I know, always a lightning has lived that has never given up on what is True, Truthful and Truly Natural.
Today I offer 6 different Divine Readings on my website and with the thought of what you really get in the form of true information from me are the prices I have good. There are those who call themselves psychotherapists and take astronomical sums for sessions where they just sit and say yes to everything and do not give a single wise advice. I have posted astronomical sums for help when I was "stuck" in 3d society, and the only thing that happened was that they left me with the feeling I have been thoroughly deceived to believe in players and robots and to be left blank with an empty wallet.
   I Love my Life and I am so Grateful that I am now Working on releasing Diamond Light Codes and Guiding people to continue in their Ascension process. My Divine Readings are definitely higher quality than any other tool you find and I work with the very best tools, they are always updated, and I think and have always thought it is obviously the most natural to be able to function as a multidimensional creature. To me this was so very obvious, that I could not see that others did not see what I did see, and I also did know that I did know so much more that others around me. Nobody did want to know about me because I was myself and for them that is to much, everyone becomes jealous because everyone lives a lie. Only those with a good self-confidence dared to be in my presence.
 I can´t say how grateful I am for this times on Mother Earth, because now I can work with my Ascension guiding work on Facebook, I have a group, and on line I have found humans who understand what I talk about and now I know so many who do work with Light work on Earth, on New Earth, we are many now, and this is New Paradise we live in now. This is what I like to guide everyone to see and become a part of.

Love Is The Answer To All Questions !

Much Unconditional Divine Love,
Freja Enjoy,
Crystalline Consiousness by Freja Enjoy, WolfEye Dances with Dolphins/ForRunner/Ascension guide/Quantum Actuator/Oracle/High Priestess/Authorized Tarotolog/Diviner/Qualified Healer/Shaman/Sacred Sexuality Guide/Author/Fine Visual Artist/WayShower/


~ Is it possible for Ascension through your sexuality? Answer yes, it is possible with Ascension through your sexuality. Think about what the word sexuality means to you in your present life. How do you use your own sexuality? What other words do you associate with your sexuality? Sexuality is and remains a powerful tool that provides a clear path to higher consciousness and your spiritual power. You choose how you use your own sexuality, in words, actions and imagination. Everything is good nothing hurt anyone or something. This is happiness, joy and unconditional love. Words we use are only there to help find the focus, direction, path, and be able to put this into practice and all of this to make it happen for the best, good within and outside ourselves. Nothing should be done to harm anyone or anything. Respect comes before love, love is also to respect all life. You are important but it´s about your goal, if your purpose is something that benefits only yourself, that you should be visible and your passion for your purpose does not come first, this is not a good purpose. Know your vision, know your purpose, know where you're from, and wherever you're going, even when it's sometimes impossible, never stop working on what you believe in your soul, your intuition, if your heart says it´s the right way.
You never win over any other person, you can only win over yourself. That is to say, you win over your old ways of thinking and working, and this you do when you consciously work on yourself, then you can compare yourself now with how you were before and see your own progress. This is to win seriously. Use others jealousy as you move forward in your life, use the envy of others to tell you that you need to adjust where you pay attention, these adjustments can take short or less short time, seen from the linear timeline perspective. There are signs, divine signs you can see along your way forward, that make you know, you're on the right track. Without the moments of temporary hesitation, you can not see where to make your choices, do not be angry with the resistance and things beyond you that you can not influence, understand instead that they are there for you, to see your own change, and what it means. This can be a very wild trip my dear, a very wild path. So do have FUN with it!
Ascension is something we choose, although it is said that everyone is affected by all the wonderful energies, vibrations and light codes that are sent to Mother Earth in this very special time we are experiencing now, and all of us who are living here now. We are affected by all this, it is true. But if we want to act as more conscious beings on earth and increase our vibration, our consciousness and therefore rise in dimensions, we need to consciously take some steps that involve some focused intension and focused understanding, thinking and We need to experience and go straight through!
Use your own sexuality in a good and boundless way, insert this into a good purpose and conscious awareness of your expanding heart chakra and your Chrystaline Soul now! Namaste and I wish you a wonderful and joyful weekend my dear friend! Good luck. Freja    2017-07-21

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