Medical anthropologist Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge Swedish citizen.

As an anthropologist who studies people, I am interested in all people. And as the text in the picture below says, there are some issues that are natural to me to see, I do not need to "problematize" the natural.

   It is unusual to meet someone in Sweden who knows what an anthropologist is. In the United States more commonly, people know anthropologists. We have one university in Sweden where we can study cultural anthropology. My reason for studying cultural anthropology is purely curiosity. Curiosity to know what society, at university level, has to say about indigenous peoples on this planet.
   Since almost all course literature is gender-discriminatory, it has been more than triple work for me to study at the university and try to find literature that gives a more nuanced perspective. If a regular doctoral work at university is a major work, an unusual and nuanced way of expressing a doctoral work is five times bigger, at least. In addition, my communication is not the best in the academic world since, I have no need to "problematize" things, that I as academics are expected to do, seeing that I'm born with a natural ability to scan what I see, hear and know in my environment, in a way that is more intelligent than to do "problematizing".
   After my graduate education, I chose not to take a doctorate because of the fact that this step had required me to limit my own text, so that it had lost its soul and spirit. However, I was appreciated for my ability to drive through my own projects at universities in Uppsala, Stockholm and Lund, Sweden. It says a lot about the need for brave and independent women who take care seriously and believe in themselves. That many people were afraid of my freedom and perceived me as a threat because I was not interested in to submit to me concepts that do not match the values ​​of my life, this has been the way all my life until new cosmic energies came to earth, began 2010 and have been ongoing since,  and we were given the opportunity to begin New Earth and the new paradigm. New Earth has natural values ​​as its concept and therefore, this fits my life values ​​as well.
Not either I was interested marrying me, having romances or vomiting for the authority, one can see in a perspective. My own way of deciding what is an authority, can not be said to be something that many understand, as this requires high awareness in all areas of life, something that is completely natural to me as medium and psychic.

Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge
Medical anthropologist