Quantum Nature  -  No more aging

by Freja Enjoy


   What is happening now is that our biology changes, or if you don`t mind me saying this, it can change…  if we have the secrets, we are not getting older as before, your physical body is not aging as before. The researchers will marvel, those who researched as they always done, they will look like big question marks. Things that can not be explained biologically have happened to my body, and I know secrets, and these secrets, the researchers in biology or medicine, yes they know nothing about these, this is quantum in reality and yes, I can guide others who want to know more about those secrets.
    Gaia has a plan, open your mind to new opportunities, see how Gaia laughs, see and hold this vision now, all souls make a difference now, do not set a time limit for this, feel how everything changes to the best, know you're one Part of this divine plan that now opens.

   It's wonderful to see which way to go now, you're in the middle of the most amazing time we've experienced on Gaia.  We human beings,  are now developing like never before, we are the people and the old ideas about dark and light, is not bad and good, this is the old 3d thinking, mythology does not exist, the darkness of the planet has come from people if they choose to create it, that's evil, because the definition of evil is that, it is that evil who  lies in this what has not been enlightened. This is your task of shining up all that is hidden in the dark within you, this is your holy responsibility.

   To Work the Kundalini is one of the movements that creates the light where we light up the evil in the dark, so it's dark only because there is no light – or so to say, one have not looked at what`s in the dark yet, and then it can be evil for humans, especially if humans do not want to see what`s hidden in the dark, because it`s an old habit to not look there – don`t go there… ( and if you read this and you don`t know how to work this, I welcome you with open heart to have my divine readings, I will guide you along , you are not alone, beloved one )  And yes, when you lighten up whats hide in the dark you can turn it into a treasure.

   Spirit in the quantum time is what is already before us. It is there, it is here, now. Seeds for change always go hand in hand with difficulties. So do not say no, "- now I'm balanced so I do not want to change, I want to stay in this balance..."  because balance is not a static act, it is also changing, you see.  It means some difficulties to change, it is life, what ever you Choose, this is something you encounter,  some difficulties, this applies to all of us.  So what happens is that you need to recalibrate the balance within you, the darkness, the evil can not move you as long as you focus and send out the light, and when you look within on some dark places, you may not looked at before, when you do this and are aware of this,  may it will try to trick you, you can stay in a focused state of mind, where you still are the light, so yes there is a difference in how to look at things, and this helps you to know that difference. 
   You will see you would like to change, it`s life, so you like to change and then mabe you say, no, I can not do this, and then also others say to you "Who do you think you are, do you think you`re a God / Goddess?" And you can laugh because you are the one who can change everything, just everything.  Remind yourself time and time again that you are the one who can go through the difficulties you face now by looking at them without fear and highlighting what you meet, see it.  Let others try to press your "buttons", but do not fall for this, you know that the environment wants you to give up on you !
   So many are still stuck in their old fake ideas about how their lives look and will look, they are bought by those who want power over them, but none of these people want others to have power over them, but they forget that they themselves are those who have the power over themselves.
   There will still be those around you which continues to talk bull shit and gossip, lie and try to take your power. And I tell you that when you see this happening around you and do not involve you in their games, they will wonder how you do, how can she/he handle this. Some even will ask you.

   DNA in the crystalline body affects you, and your process,   you have this conviction and belief because you know you want light in your life, do not pay attention to the darkness outside of you, but continue to  giving your own light within you all your attention. What is happening now is that our biology changes, we are not getting older as before, your physical body is not aging as before. The researchers will marvel, those who researched as they always done, they will look like big question marks.
   When Idigos goes to election everything will change, and that time will come, within 2, 4 or mabe 8  years, but the time when world politics change will come soon. Their conspiracies - big money there - but now they are confused about what's happening -  they do not know what to do -  your privacy wins over their system of big money -  for everyone will be the winner, and that time will not be about poor and rich, and yes, when the transition is in progress, this may look like the opposite, but look at your own integrity, not how much money you have. Because you can be just anywhere on earth and you know that only you have your own privacy, it's worth it all. The money is temporary, a temporary process that is being reviewed. In quantum state, time does not exist, only synchronicity, so in quantum you move from zero point to next zero point.
   Big farma will have to change, it can not continue as is happening now, because there are higher laws, those who trick people to get Big farma`s poison to get healthy, they are tricked into the medicine so they get sick, and These make money on this, they will fall, they will fall. Because the energy changes. And you may not see that the changes are progressing energy, because you still see it going on, but it changes from within, those who live in darkness and delusion, they shrink from within, and you can not see it on their outside. But if you keep your peace and not let you be influenced by their fake game about what is their game, yes, you will become even more convinced of how you can stay in your own inner light. And yes, you need to see your own difficulties, because they come, it's life, but when you know what is happening and why, yes, then these difficulties give you just more integrity and strength.
   Do remember that the ascension processes continue, but the processes are getting easier, they have a lighter energy now. There are those who are addicted to the dark, because so many are at it! This is dark energy, those who are there do not want to be happy either! They can not take real pleasure. They want to keep doing everything in their old dark ways, as it requires some effort to free themselves from the old, always. BUT, once you've started freeing yourself and releasing what has happened to you in your past, it will be easier and you will be able to enjoy your life in a new way! Enjoy your life, that's the truth about who you are, what's in you, the light that's your core - it is there and you sure can enjoy your self.  Do you hear people shouting and talking crazy about others, so Look at this with endurance, because you are not they. You are free from their dark rituals and routines, you know who you are and you are so awake that you're able to keep moving forward, through the difficulties you face, but now you look at this with other eyes, because you know this is not your life & it`s Not your responsibility to sort out those who choose to stay in the dark , you know what you are and you enjoy your life and love yourself so you can be anywhere, the place you stay in is no longer important as before, you are a true transformer who can transform where ever you stay, but you are moving, and you know how you are moving too, Invisible, it does not appear on your outside.

   You know your location. The new masters, the Rainbow warriors , all over the globe, have contact with each other in the invisible way, they do not have to meet in physical life, because the main contact is telepathic, this is a greater force, this is quantum light. If anyone says to you "- This is how it is, it has always been so and will always be so." Then you know that they do not want to change, they want to stay in the dark energy because they just want to continue Do everything just as they've always done. Pay attention to this, because the old energy is addictive, there are those who do not want to change. You can work with anything, you can be a doctor or healer, and the energy changes, but they may not want to change, even those who meditate may feel they have to change something in their life, but some even there will resist their own change and believe their routines  of meditation, healing rituals or what ever they do Mechanically and repeatedly is what is they need to Keep doing  "as they always have done it" so you see, you can`t see on the outside what`s going on at the inside, even there are those who became addicted to Their old "patterns".    And I tell you, it can be patterns that are good patterns to live for, but if they are repeated mechanically for a long time without changes, yes, it becomes a bad habit of this too, it is a dependency, an abuse has Have been created - to their own life, body and soul.
   Do not think you can look at the surface of people and tell who they are, let them be, because this is about how people work within themselves. If they dare to live in a new way, this requires some changes from the old way`s of living, and this changes is not at the surface, because many are there who like to change the surface and nothing realy changed inside you see. It is your life, and you are the master of your life.

   Are you a light worker, yes, then it's time you enter the light now. When you turn on the light, you will always see new things !!! What does that mean? That you have to change yourself, your old ways of life do not last long, And definitely not a whole life or forever, thank goodness !!!  It requires you to let go of what you thought you knew, you need to move on in a smooth transition to the new one Life that`s waiting for you, Waiting for you behind the next bend, but do not stress, there's no reason to stress yourself, your wonderful path is here where you are now, one step at a time and the same thing again, this is wonderful and this is so beautiful we cooperate Perfect with Gaia now and we live in Quantum reality now.

   Peace and stability. While our ascension process continues, I feel you and we are together in this wonderful development of the universe, in all the colors of the rainbow and infinite loving light, this is what you are beloved, blessings and  Namastè

Freja Enjoy
© frejaenjoy2017

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