COURAGE is the basis of REAL PASSION
for your own life!

by Freja Enjoy

FIND FREEDOM in your LIFE and then… Freedom is wonderful, but freedom is just the reason you need to be, really to be BRAVE, and to really have the courage to live your life - and what your life is, is no idea about what life is or should be, life is NOT AN IDEA! - - COURAGE is the basis of REAL PASSION for Your own life! Nobody can ever tell you what your life is - just you know! Let others think, believe and feel what they are doing, their life is not yours … remember this. Forgive others easily! <3

   When others appear disrespectful, it's because they are shaken by reality and can not take in the divine, do not take it personally!

   You can not lose yourself. <3 The only thing you can lose is your ideas about yourself and the rest of the world.

   You have a decision to take, my dear - if you are here or not. If you choose to be here or not. When you choose to be here you will see that everything is here to help you. You have come here to experience change, and these changes are not superficial dear. Because it is easy to scale off all your perceptions and ideas you have had about what is your life, or should be your life, you are not your idèas. You are a divine life, you are born for a reason and you have a divine mission.

   This world is filled with ideas, traditions and different images, you're nothing of this, believe me. You are much more, you are divine, and you know that, we have the opportunity to experience life in its diversity here on earth, it is a privilege, we have had the opportunity to live all the time, but now it's time to take this step fully increased. Life is constantly changing and the more you live the more you change, so you must understand, your surroundings will change, and many will "get away from you" because you change and they still want you to be as you always were In their eyes - do you understand? The surroundings are just there to help you see where you came from and sometimes where you are heading. You know step by step when removing your blockages and You will have confidence in your life when you can count on yourself and know that you have chosen to live your life here on earth now.

   Security has nothing to do with belonging or occupation. Security also has nothing to do with fame and worldly success. But sometimes these different forms of going can go along with true inner security, but not at all in all people, you need to let go of all the ideas of what you want and see what you are and what you are not, then you can show yourself, without requiring other people to understand you and your life.

   The cruelest thing you can experience is when your own ideas about who you are, should be ... when you feel you need to defend yourself to others about who you are. Or when you feel you have to defend your ideas. It`s so very simple, you have your ideas right now and others have their ideas now, let it be that way. It is beautiful. And yes of course, you will feel some ideas are not beautiful at all, too. But in the “end”, what you live and what your ideas are, it is your choice.

Take a bite in the APPLE – LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW!

This is the effect of the LIONS GATE 888 Year 2017.

I trust you - do you understand? XOXOXO LOL FREJA <3

Medical anthropologist and natural healer

© frejaenjoy2017


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