NOW THE  E M E R A L D   G A T E  W A Y  is  O P E N !
by Freja Enjoy

Today I had the desire to change the background image on my private facebook page, I felt GREEN GRASS ... wondered why only green grass. Now I've got the answer My angels came and told me that
Now the critical mass has been achieved. Awareness of the galactic grids now go together with the earth grids now. Much working on the clearing of dark structures has taken place recently in the earth grids. Now the Emerald Gateway is Open ! This Time Portal began at the 21 of July and lasts to the 21 of August 2017. It went This Time Portal began on July 21 and lasts until August 21, 2017. It has gone through Lion's Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017. It closes 23-27/8.
More and more energy comes in now The Emerald Ray Feminine Antimatter Frequencies The Divine Feminine Energy, Emerald Goddess, You Can Communicate With Her Now!
Masculine Matter Magenta Ray and Feminine Antimatter Emerald Ray, Walk Together Now, Creates a New Trinity Neither mattter, nor antimatters, they Converges to the Zero Point.
This started in 2012 and now in 2017 are the seads coming to fruition until Aug. 27.
These are synchronized astrological events
Linear time is just a way to see ...
Timelines are not deadlines
Light worriors of gaia, open your heart,
England crop circle, exactly shows this
Emerald Gateway
Critical mass is achieved now
Sacred geometry / starseeds /
Light worriors of earth joy happiness and bliss ...
Mystery schools known this for a long time .... The feminine is the creative force ..
Unlimited potential is the 0 point zero point =
Gaia grids are the open hearts
You as light worker and you starseeds, childrens of gaia,
Opening or emerald gateway is the ascension to ...
Crystalline heart grids.
Celebrate in joy and light what fanatastic time we live in !!!
& I´m back in Sweden again now – I got an insight !

Freja Enjoy.
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© frejaenjoy2017 

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