Freja Enjoy

Inner work really is giving you Divine joy - and - bypassing spirituality is not what you need, but if you are in a state of not feeling joy eller divine happiness, 

I am now sending you divine joy plus a lot of love, because you are always worth this. I want to say now that you are included in the great love that is not the same as the personal love. When I travel around now and meet a lot of people on the most basic reality, I always take the time to stop and start talking to people, it happens several times a day and I do this just because I'm a worker in divine service that works for the great love, the love that encompasses all peoples on earth, especially those who feel forgotten or those who may be naughty to other peoples or behave in an uncomfortable way towards the environment. I talk directly to people and I send prayers and bless them and their lives. Recently there was a woman who came and sat next to me on a sofa in a cafe, with her coffee. I immediately felt that she needed support. I continued to work on my laptop, and after a while she said to me, "Oh, that was good!" I asked if she meant the coffee she just drank. And then she started talking to me. I had noticed from the beginning that she had a "deformed face", maybe a damage from a fire or something similar I had thought. One eye hung down and there were visible skin transplants on her face, her face was not what any woman would want to look like. I listened to her, gave her some practical advice, prayed for her, and sent blessings to her, and told her I loved her, she got my card so she can contact me if she wants. In another place, when I was walking in the morning, I passed a young man sitting on a sofa with his head down, I saw from a long way that he was not feeling well. I asked him if I could sit down next to him. Then I told everything important from my teens, he was a teenager, about how alone I had felt and been then, and everything that had helped me and that I knew now. I sat for almost an hour and talked to him. When I went he said thank you to me, and it was gratifying, because he was not in a state of uplift before, and even though he was still down, he had received my card and he was interested to watch my YouTube videos, and I could feel that I had given him new hope. This is the great love that does not seek to get something back, or that is not personal love, this love is the love that gives divine joy, and it gives me much more. But all and within this divine joy, there is always the openness that I go through the emotional states I feel and experience, I do not turn them off or judge them.

So I go through great grief quite often, and can sit anywhere, with sunglasses on, and tears just flow down my cheeks, because I feel the divine compassion for and to everyone, yes everyone I meet, on this my very adventurous and sometimes risky journey around the earth I am now on.

Much Love,