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Start you Day with a challenge!

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Happy News: Start your Day with a challenge!

by Freja Enjoy
25/9, 2017 at 05:30am


One step in one direction you want to go! A direction that makes you happy! You decide! Write a list of things that maKE you happy & take one of these things and take a single step - maybe this will take only 15 minutes, try & you'll see you have a wonderful day! Blessings Freja! & my little step, a giant step at the same time, today is that I've been out in the dark this morning and ran - the first time I've been able to run for many years.  My Dolphin Yoga has helped me transform myself & my body, who had problems before. Never give up on your self!

I am so very happy!
Blessings Freja!

at 05:30am Monday morning 25/9, 2017.


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