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COACHING with FREJA Programs, will be Activated in the begining of December 2017!

Coaching programs available:
I. Basic coaching. A basic/foundation, of the need and desires. Contains a divine reading, with an analysis and communication and goals. Temporarily 1-2 months, may take about 1-2 months.
II.The three coaching step program: No.1: Basic coaching; No.2: Transforming the past into empowering tools; No.3: Meet your challenge coaching, high vision clarity. The work may take about 3-5 months.
III. Subscription to Coaching. You will get everything included in Coaching Program II and this will be a part of the monthly readings and all the support coaching sessions you can get each month and in this subscription you will have full access to contact for support as soon as you need it. Subscription means that you are followed up with transformation updates, expansion updates and all the support you need, you also have access to all internal news that is for members only. This is a high exclusive product where you are part of a team of high vibration, joyful encounters and spiritual community that strengthens .


Basic Coaching with Freja

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Basic coaching. A basic/foundation, of the need and desires. Contains a divine reading, with an analysis, and a target/goal/vision wording, the coaching is done via e-mail and can also contain telephone calls or other communication. May take about 1-2 months, yes can take between one to two months, but it may take the time needed, it may be more intense shorter periods or longer with less intensive or both but here is the quality that we achieve the required, or that the customer is satisfied, otherwise the money will be given back. . My services have a satisfied customer guarantee.