Here's how I got my name
Diamond Light Ray


Here's how I got my name:

Diamond Light Ray.
By FrejaEnjoy/DiamondLightRay

   I have added this name to my private Facebook page in 2016,  because I have been assigned the name of the angels I have constant contact with. I've had contact with angels and ascended masters since I was 1 year old, , you can actually look at photographs of me from that age and see this that they are next to me.  

   It was in 2016 that I was informed that it was now a matter of these codes that this light conveyed that it was now clear that I became aware of these, subconsciously, this has been there all the time in me. I know how it works, it's about processes, it happens gradually, sometimes you can really jump, but at a deeper cell level, this is about processes. It was the time for me in 2016.

   One way and only one way is possible and it's The Path of The Heart. This is this path, and this path is my path 100%,  and I have always walked this path you see. I have a Facebook group where I update and provide information about the Ascension process and when I got my name Diamond Light Ray, I was actually not aware of everything I know today about The Diamond Light. This is about Star Gates.

   This is about consciousness. This is about love and this is about compassion to all beings on Earth now. I'll tell you more about what it's like to be an empath and to know everything that`s going on here on Earth these times. The truth is that I'm special and because no-one knows what I'm experiencing, I'll describe this myself and I'll do that soon.  I will tell you this, as this helps others understand what their task is in this life-time too. You can read in my Blog & other palces in my website: frejaenjoy.com

Welcome Beloved & Namastè.

Great love from me Freja <3 <3 <3
Diamond Light Ray

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