"Spiritual Guidance" and Divine Service by Freja Enjoy:

some important announcement:


In a period of major changes, we have put in some extra information to help those who wish for further development in spiritual development. We have several important jobs under way, Freja Enjoy's book, new website, travel around the world, moving geographic space and, in general, everything that can change is now undergoing major change. Because of this, you may have some understanding that finding information may be difficult, but that's why we now create this and related page to this "Spiritual Guidance". The information here will change. We belong to the leading edge in Spiritual Development in the World, and therefore we are constantly updating and downloading divine information, and thus it will look messy sometimes. Freja Enjoy is one of the very unusual and very important leaders in this area.

We thank Freja Enjoy for giving us so much so far. 
The crew at FrejaEnjoy.com