Five Signs You are a 
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Spiritual Gangster 2020
Spiritual Gangster 2020
Spiritual Gangster 2020
Spiritual Gangster 2020
Traditinal 3D Matrix Gangster - Haha!
Traditinal 3D Matrix Gangster - Haha!

Five Signs That You Are a Spiritual Gangster! 

1. You don`t Back of from Your Spiritual Path Ever!!!
2. You have a Pure Intent.
3. You know how to come into your place of Inner Peace.
4. You are Not a people Pleaser!
5. You "Walk Your Talk" (and Understand Exactly What This Do Mean In Practice!)

Sign No.1 : You don`t Back of from Your Spiritual Path Ever!!!

First some brief suggestions on what Your Spiritual Path is, so you know what to Never Back from:

1. Your spiritual journey is yours and nobody else's. It is you who make the decisions for you and your life, no one else. And it is you who must do it yourself, go through every step of your own spiritual journey, no one else can do this for you, no matter how much money you invest or how much succe you have!

2. Your spiritual journey starts now, not in your past or in your future, this is because you always have a need to update yourself as you go the spiritual path. Spirit is not something you have, your spirit is greater than your ego, your physical body, your mental body, your thought body, you are part of your spiritual body not the other way around. But it is important for you to know that your spiritual body is also part of what you are as a whole, a quantum whole. Therefore, there is no external force that is your spirit, or any external force that you need to contact, but all this is part of what you are when you are in contact with your own spirit.

3. To get in touch with your spirit you need to practice this, you need to respect your spirit, you need great patience, you need to be focused on the right things, and most of all you need an attitude that gives you an open heart and an open mind (open mind sphere). And you need to And you have to make your own experiences all the time, it's not something you do once and then this is done, you will develop and then you have to be prepared to re-evaluate yourself, your values in your life, everything in your life really, and also be prepared to change what you no longer need. Examples are removing old fears that were just there to make you feel safe, in a way you used to protect yourself, that you no longer need because you see new ways to protect yourself, which have to do with Love, to feel love instead of fear.

4. Learn to let go of old luggage as fears you carry for a long time, learn to see these fears and to let go of them, and one of them is that you don't have to feel fear that you don't know everything or have control over everything. This is an absolutely necessary step for you to take, and developed means that you are not even afraid to let others get "right" rather than trying to convince them of the way you see things, you let go of it and care Not about this, this is not a loss, on the contrary, this is to make succe, divine success, in your own life, for your own spiritual path.

5. Respect those who have gone before you and who have gone through things they have shared with the world, they can have a great impact on your own spiritual path, not so that you do exactly as they say, but you may test their path for a while, and evaluate what it was like for you, you learn important things for you, you learn by testing new things, by making your own experiences, by taking the time to really be with yourself and your own spirit .

Sign No.2 : You have a Pure Intent.

So this to have pure intent it has been rewritten by many, and you look at this, so please and google and read, but finding a really simple and really clear explanation that says what this is, even from yogis and their websites, I did not find. I myself am a yoga master and my definition is that pure means pure in a sacred and divine way, which means that the person in question is always consciously working on releasing old luggage that comes up in the consciousness, and knows how to do this. It also means not being false to oneself or others at all. This means that you do not do things for others to do certain things to you because of what you have done for them. It also means that you do not play games that you have calculated, games you play to get things you want to get. All this you have to let go and more.

Intent is to have a direction and this direction actually applies to everything in your life, in different ways, and this is also about your focus on your time and how you spend your time, a powerful focus doesn't necessarily mean doing things all the time, but can often mean that you have an orientation that gives you space and time to "not do things" as well.

Sign No.3 : You know how to come into your place of Inner Peace.

Exempel of what Inner Peace means is that it is more than finding quiet in this modern world and it doesn’t mean passivity and making life dull at all, to be in Inner Peace, is a state in which you are mentally and spiritually at peace, of what you have, and what you are, you feel and know it is enough and you have this knowledge and understanding and it keeps yourself calm and strong during stressful times. True inner peace is independent of external conditions and circumstances, it means truly knowing yourself and what you are capable of. When you have inner peace, you fully accept yourself so you do not waste your time, energy, and attention on unimportant and meaningless thoughts. Inner peace is the opposite of anxiety, depression, and worry.

“The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.” – Peace Pilgrim

Sign No.4 : You are Not a people Pleaser!

You Don`t want everyone around you to be happy, because of you all the time . .  and you don`t do whatever, is asked of you, just to keep it that "happy" way, 
You Don`t  put everyone else before yourself!
You Don`t yearn for outside validation, and your personal feeling of security and self-confidence is absolutly Not based on getting the approval of others.

You don`t worry how others will view you when you say no. “people-pleasers don’t want to be seen as lazy, uncaring, selfish or totally egocentric,” You don`t  fear you will be disliked and cut from the group,” whether it’s friends, family or co-workers.

You know how and when to say no. You do realize you have a choice, you know how to set your priorities, how to stop and consider and whenever someone asks you for a favor, you know that it is perfectly OK to say that you’ll need to think about it, because you know this gives you the opportunity to consider if you can commit to helping them, also you know that it is so important to ask the person for details about the commitment, to set a time limit, and to consider if you’re being manipulated.  

Sign No.5 : You "Walk Your Talk" (and Understand Exactly What This Do Mean In Practice!)

It makes sense that "Walk Your Talk." is figuratively mean that you do what you say. You take action, you walk, in the direction of that you say you do, your talk. 

You know how to speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

So you are impeccable with your words, and you speak with integrity, and you say only what you do mean really. And you dom avoid using the words to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Also you use the power of your words in the direction of divine truth and  unconditional love.

I love you for sure!

Freja Enjoy
Australia, East Coast