. . . So I took the road less traveled by

And I barely made it out alive

Through the darkness somehow I survived

Tough love, I knew it from the start

Deep down in the depth

Of my Rebel Heart . . . 

My job on this planet is: Shamanic Drumming, and I do this DRUMMING in a multipple ways, that is, not only by drumming on my shaman drum, one of this other way, is by speaking in various symbolic "languages", learn more about me Freja Enjoy, and my    different ways of giving out messages, which are all about this time that was before the time came, really, and now I ask you to take your focus, and read what I have to say, here in my website www.FrejaEnjoy.com You will find in the menu, in buttons I have placed out and by beeing curious

. . . because . . .

. . . In that time before there was Time, there was Grandmother Nature. On Grandmother Nature sat the Circle of Animal Sistars, who, speaking in that Sacred Language of Spirit, told their Tellings. Through these Tellings Grandmother Nature gave rise to Creation... 


. . . it`s about to to take the Big Leap . . . ~ FrejaEnjoy . . . it`s about to to take the Big Leap . . . ~ FrejaEnjoy

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