Its 2017 and September 23th  and it’s time for the Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shifts!




~ We have a Global Unifications Day today Beloveds <3 its Saturday, September 23 and it’s time for the Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shifts, and we have prepared for this & this is new levels of consciousness-shifting & the incoming dimensional-shifting photonic waves, as I wrote earlier this week, if you read this then, this waves do merged with our intention for an even stronger continuation. And here the acceleration of zero-point experiences between today and December 23, 2017 will be powerful for many. Get ready for a trip called enormously wonderful now!

What is developing right now is that many are prepared to let the device consciousness become the primary experience. As we move into the divine flow of co-creation, the sense of unity consciousness becomes stronger, and this is due to the fact that many have entered crystalline consciousness because when we get this strong influence from the universe around us on earth with all light codes, photonic light and rainbow light & we choose to create from this through our ascension process & our DNA as we increase our experience of New Earth drastically. As long as we stay in our heart's frequencies and vibrations, we will experience this transformational state as we can call a new earth exist transformation.

Be Focused on Your Purpose - With your creative intention, you see Ascension is a timeline where you yourself enter and are in your electoral point which requires you to be focused and have a calm mindset. Meditate to be at your center of yourself, some of you are in meditative state of mind, it's perfect for keeping focus in your center of yourself. The energies, the light codes that come in now from the cosmos are huge, so this is extra important now that you are in this state today and ongoing. You will be able to receive this extra wonderful energy today when the influences are delivered.

What we now have and the current experience is not possible to explain in words now. It is in this now that we can make a conversion deeper into our Crystalline Consciousness body and we want to experience this and create this in the present, and now, and we feel and know what is needed to make it to happen and be real.

Stay happy, enjoy yourself, create beauty, be in mother Nature, sing, dance & laugh from your belly!!! Stay heart centered in this Zero-point and enjoy 5D & New Earth!

Namastè and I Love You All & have a Spectacular Fantastic Day Freja XOXOXO LOL <3

2017-09-23 Sweden west coast

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