The Full Moon & Solar Flare 6/9, 2017

by Freja Enjoy

The Solar Flare & the Full Moon 6/9, 2017

by Freja Enjoy

   We had Solar Flare 6/9 it was a X9.3 flare, the largest in 12 years. intense geomagnetic storm, solar / soular upgrades. It was also full moon september 6, and many are affected by the fact that it is full moon emotional but also physically in the body.

   Some definitions of solar flare are that it`s a brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface, associated with sunspots and causing electromagnetic disturbances on the earth, as with radio frequency communications and power line transmissions and it is sais that many magnetic storms occurred in tandem with reports of solar flares or of large sunspot regions near the Sun's equator. Some say it`s photons together with magnetic energy that gives lightspeed ".

   And some askes if it, if this affects us and it does, it can effect our minds and thoughs, it can intensify things. Some believe that the full moon effect may last for three days. Solar flares may vary more in their effect, but combined with a full moon, they can affect strongly. Some believe that the full moon effect may last for three days. I have known of recent days in many ways that it is atmospheric changes, it has been felt and is still in several ways.
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2017-09-07 / 06:44
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