I took a Crystalline Oracle Tarot Card today for Us All, here is what it said, "-Take The Leap Of Fath!" Among other things, you will find in this summary, a list of advice, further down in this text,

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as you continue readig. So, here now, when you look at your life moving forward from a difficult situation, you cannot see how this is going to fit together and be to your advantage now, only afterwards, when you have gone through the difficult you will be able to put together the pieces in your life and see and understand how they worked together to help you for the better! Wherever in your life you feel the slightest fear, it is life that presents to you an opportunity to do the Leap Of Faith, ask yourself in this situation "-What would I do in this situation, if I had no fear at all?" This is the best thing you can do, for yourself and for you to be able to move forward in your life now, and not stand still and be paralyzed. Many are going through circumstances now in their lives that are shocking and you are not alone at all about this, so be clear-sighted and dare to take the leap of faith now! You have what it takes.

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The secret`s to Divine Faith:

Ask your self this:

- I believe the universe is perfect, even though we live through both darkness and light, we need the darkness to see more of the light. If you don't have patience, or whatever it may be that you need more of, then you may be exposed to situations where you have to learn to be more, patient, time after time after time, until you learn that you will not advance faster by having a hurry at all, but you need a different attitude to surrounding situations instead. So ask yoursef "- How can I learn from this situation?" instead of trying to change your surroundings, change yourself. Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- You may have lost all your belongings or all your friends, and you may have to appreciate yourself, your life, all your possibilities, all your abilities that you had lived too comfortably to see before? Ask yoursef "- What do I need to see in all this?" Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- And when something negative happens to you, don't stay in it, but go through it, move forward, and don't allow this to take your energy and your life away from you. Ask yourself " - What can I do for myself now that will make me advance from how I did last time something something similar happened?" Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- What is it that the universe wants to tell me, about the situation, so that I can get out of this situation and get myself into a better situation? Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- Instead of asking yourself "-Why is this happening to me?" Instead, ask, "- What does this have to teach me?" And while you find out, it's ok that you feel sorry for what feels wrong, but instead of staying in it, create a plan and act in the direction of it so you can make use of what you can see that you have to learn from the situation. Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- When something goes "wrong", this makes you stronger and wiser, so ask yourself "- In what way can I use the situation to develop and become wiser?" Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- So tell yourself "- I know I can create everything I love and dream about, only I will not give up, because the universe will support me, when I do what I believe in and feel love for and in!" Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- And your future is in the next minute, so be sure to think about how you can turn your present moment into a great moment now, and feel happiness, because then you have already gone there. Take The Leap Of FAITH.

- So stop looking back and forward and stay in your present moment, and see that you are exactly what you were meant to be, and that you have everything you need in the present moment, use your new insights for this! Take The Leap Of FAITH.

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