Congratulations to the WINNER of Freja Enjoy`s Divine Reading The Divine Guide to HARVEST in 2017!

The winner is selected today at 02pm Sunday 1 October 2017. We are so excited to announce today that you have won the big prize in the competition about Freja Enjoy's great reading The Divine Guide to Harvest. This is a wonderful reading that gives you enormous support in autumn / winter and following you all the way to your harvest in December, to be by December 12, 2017.

Two major readings are included in this reading, one will be given in October and the next others in November. You will also have the opportunity to ask additional questions that will mabe be raised during this fall/winter, if you feel you need more answers and advice. All the help you may need is included in this reading. You will have a truly amazing winter 2017! All you do now is klick on “Add to cart” and then you will get information about everything included in this Price.

Congratulations once more. Blessings and a Lots of Love Freja!

(we do not give the name of the winner for integrity reasons.)