by Freja Enjoy

To Do The Right Thing.


By Freja Enjoy,

WolfEye Dances with Dolphins


   You are always right – but it is you yourself who choose if you want to enjoy your life or not ~ the path to fruitfulness. What's really the difference between creating your life consciously and unconsciously? When you can consciously create your life you are happy and enjoying your life!

Are you one of those who always want to be perfect?
Are you one of those who always want to be right?
Are you one of those who always knows the best?
You are right.

But do you have the right attitude?

Because if you are one of the characters I describe above, you can also be a Type A or a Type B.

   Type B are those who act as a roll band player ... they are stuck in their rituals, and if they do not appear as perfect, they want to appear as perfect even more, their wheel-lines only go deeper and deeper into the mud and they can´t understand why is it like this, themselves, and Type B always want to be right about their ideas about things, if they don`t get what they want that is their ideas about things, so they force themselves into physical and psychological violence to get their will through, and in addition, they themselves think they are cool when they kill other lives and other people, because that`s what they really do in the long run. Type B thinks itself is always right, even if the potted plants die, Type B believes they should continue to have synthetic starch instead of clean water for this plants, everyone should live with synthetic starch if he/she the Type B can decide, they can only “cry crocodile tears”, which means they have no contact with their true feelings in the present, they only use words as a robot, about that they have feelings, this to use it as a manipulating tool to get other people on their "page". Type B is not aware of himself in a good way and therefore he / she is not aware at all. This is Type B.

   Type A is the ones who accept that they are who they are, they accept that they always want to be perfect, they accept to always want to be right and they accept that they always want be the one who know the best, they know how they are thinking and working right now and this is as they are now, but they look at their thoughts and behaviors and make an assessment afterwards if this was good and fruitful or not, good as you do not hurt someone or something consciously, that is, they are conscious (aware) of their own thoughts and their own behavior, and their attitude is to achieve good and fruitful results and they know this obviously requires good all the way. This is an attitude of pure intent. Can you see the difference?
   This is the difference between being unhappy and being happy. And it does not have to be just these criteria I have given examples in these three examples. You can insert anything.

   Consciousness and to be Aware,  means being aware of what is fruitful and what is not fruitful. That is when other people, other lives, other forms of life are injured, this is not fruitful not good, and this is not about to talk about things and ideas, this is about who to act in the reality. How it looks on the surface does not matter anymore. There are the results that counts. The result may be proven a very long time after the first fruitful/good or non-fruitful/not-good input was made, and the one that is going to get it all back himself/herself, is the one, who gave it out, it may take generations to understand the cycles, but this is nature laws, sacred laws, when it comes to, when we talk about what is reality. 

   Those who want to live in no-mind state they want…or rather they do not want to take responsibility for that life they once far back, and to say back it is just a word, and it is not a picture of how Dimensions work, decided that they would go through things on earth because this is part of a larger plan, a divine plan, which I will not discuss more now in this short text. Those who want to live in no-mind condition, they do not want to go back into their bodies on the earth, they want to continue to reject their bodies and just fly around in their thoughts and ideas and it`s like that the sky is theirs for flying around in and never come down and inside of their own bodies, they want to run from their own lives and all that means, real feelings and everything about the body, here and now. They are going to do this in un never ending circle until they understand, because that is the nature law, and some do call this karma.  

   Those who say that their bodies are not the reality, they may say that their bodies are an illusion too, they fool themselves, they do not want to live here and now, they are no masters, because after we have woken up spiritually as the master of light, so we choose to return to our physical body and Once we have chosen this, it is when we become / are the real Masters.

   This is a trip. This is the journey that you once chosen. You only need to be reminded that you have chosen this. Never give up on yourself because you never disappear, never, the only thing that disappears is your idea of ​​who and what you are. You never disappear. You always create your own life, whether you live consciously or unconsciously, whether you create your life consciously or unconsciously, you always create your own life. There is no one in the whole universe that creates your life – more than you, yourself, you yourself are the one that creates your own life on earth.

And you are always right.
How can I say that?
Because that's so.

Blessings and lots of tough love,
tough love as in an eternal never ending divine love, yes, just that.

Freja Enjoy,
WolfEye Dances with Dolphins.

Diviner, Authorized Tarotologist, Natural Healer and Quantum Therapist.


© frejaenjoy2017



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