Nature and Me,
part I.
A love so great that it is impossible to describe in words! That's what I feel when I'm in nature and see everything that lives here. Here I do not speak with my words, here I speak with my energy. Even more so, in nature, I can feel we are one. For in my life, I love when I can communicate without words. Not as a kind of therapy form, but as a completely 100% natural part of who I am. I have always felt at home in nature and I want to walk alone with nature. And when I meet the animals living wild in nature, they are as much nature to me as the very nature in itself. My meetings with the wild animals are completely unavailable to describe to another person.

| Freja Enjoy | WolfEye Dances with Dolphins | 2017-10-02 |
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Nature and Me,
part 2.

The love in nature and with the wild animals is of a kind that many people do not understand. I am a bridge between nature and people. I am a very old soul. At the same time, I am both timeless and always young and I can go into the deepest oldest information existing on Mother Earth and in Mother Earth. The words I used now belong to a language that limits me, I have to use the words sometimes in communication with human, even though human very rarely performs a dialogue, humans often just using his language for nonsense. I am a bridge between man and nature. I now live as a human in a woman's body and my nature is neither woman nor man, my nature is like nature.

| Freja Enjoy | WolfEye Dances with Dolphins | 2017-10-02 |

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All photos by Freja Enjoy.
| Freja Enjoy | WolfEye Dances with Dolphins | 2017-10-02 |
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