Freja Enjoy`s Divine Readings and TAROT.

   My Divine Readings are based on Tarot and it is sacred wisdom, which is meant to be used in a sacred way.  Basically, Tarot's wisdom deals with unity with Mother Earth and the true love for her.
Far back in time there was a people who had a high consciousness, who had the knowledge of nature laws; they saw that there were people who did not respect the Mother Earth and Nature laws, and they realized the danger in this. This wise people therefore created a system of cards that consisted of images that would cover the main cornerstones and elements of these natural laws. These cards with their Great Teachings were then given to traveling people who no one would suspect could be the bearer of this ancient wisdom.
   These people have later been called "gypsies", and these cards were called Tarot cards. Order Tarot comes from this word origin: ROTA: The Wheel, or Circle; ORAT: Speaks; TORA: The Law; ATOR: Of Nature.
   Nature's laws are in fact the same as life. And the gypsies were adept at using the cards so that the truth was passed on to those with a mind open enough to be able to receive these truths.
   Then, these open minds saw and interpreted these tarot that they were inspired to walk in a more harmonious way, and become one with the creation. As time went by, Mother gave ground of his body consciously to those who saw the whole, these tribes are in every country. And these tribes understand that all beings on earth are their sisters and brothers. These tribes, which are tribes of souls with an open mind, which today can be almost anyone you meet because the responsibility of the earth has been abused and the original tribal is fragmented, these soul tribes have the understanding that everything is related, just like the organs in your physical body are related to everything else your body is and consists of.
   The sea and the rocks, the wind and the rain, the sun and the moon, yes, they realized that this was all related. The people who understood the whole thing built different medicine circles, because they knew life worked in circles, during a revolution in a "life wheel", you encountered different powers, these are the powers of life and you usually terminate these counts for the Wheel of Life.
   What these wise people understood was that the circles meant that in order to harvest, you need to plant seeds and in order to get something you need to give something too. That is how the balanced circle of life continues. But there was a people who could not see the laws of nature. They had no vision because they could not use their eyes and they had no contact with their hearts, this was a big separation from the nature laws and there was a great disease on earth, we can see in 3d, matrix, the old paradigm, how Bad this occurred. Today, we have many people who have created wonderful light pillars, which only 5d and the people of paradise can see, all over Mother Earth and Good Medicine are used by more and more people who have access to this today and those who have an open mind they have Eyes to see clearly and contact with his dear heart.
   When I had completed the various tests required to get the authorization as a Tarotologist, I did not manage to promote me because I did not feel that the status of Tarot has been Respected in this modern society, due to all the fast phone lines and other marketed as tarot in media and press, I would / would not like at all, to be associated with these. And many give advice and claim to be knowledgeable in Tarot and many have no linked / no link to all that lies behind the tarot, and they have not lived this. My whole life is a nomadic life, though I have all the characters that a modern human has. I am also the old wise woman in the deep forest, who is at the same time as Snow White and lives with the animals and nature alone there, I have always been accompanied by angels and ancient masters, this has been my "caravan" as "gypsies".
   I Am a Keeper of Earth, I honor all life, everything that has come befor me. If you have seen any of my videos then you may already know.
You who order Divine Readings from me are a person with an open mind, otherwise you would not be with me. What I give you in my readings is more than readings. It's a language by codes, and I give out my codes in my texts to you. Only you with an open mind can receive those secret codes. These codes can not be read, or copied or forced out of me, they are in themselves a kind of light language. Welcome to paradise.
   The fact that I am using tarot is one thing, but I am also a medium and I live meditation and yoga daily, along with sound healing and movement healing. So to me, this is my life, not a separate part. And I love to feel all the love that flows when I do my readings, this is true passion and of course, all of this is what I myself are that makes it work so comprehensive. This is The Dance of Life.

Blessings and Divine Love from Freja

Freja Enjoy,
Authorized Tarotologist, Professional Healer, and channeling empath who always works with and from her heart.
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