Freja Enjoys Spiral Theory 

Freja Enjoys spiral theory is a set of theories, two of these are central, and it is about human quantum development, multidimentional reality: the special theory of human quantum development and the general theory of quantum development.  The central idea in both theories is that all development undergoes a development path, which can be described as moving, like a double spiral, like the DNA spiral, dubbel helix spiral. Every single area, of a human beings, experience, learning, development, consciousness and conscious development, undergoes this spirals movement. And each human being is unique in its own experience of how this conscious development is experienced. Time and space are different experiences, but the development applys equally to all areas, that is the movement of the spiral.

Freja Enjoy is a trained scientist, medical anthropologist, quantum healer and psychic, among others. She has helped thousands of people move on in their lives and to develop their consciousness.


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Freja Enjoy

When you have nothing to give, but you give kindness and you expect nothing back, that is Love Power.

You can have everything against you, but you chose to love your life. To have an potential is actual not the same as do something. 

People look at you, listen to you, etc. in a different way when you dress nicely or in a special way.

I want to draw people to me to reach out with my message, about what it is like to be a white woman, to be highly intelligent, to have more than one of the highest education at the university, to have the best results in my workplaces, to have achieved the best results in my own work projects, to have been awarded with being one of the best artists in the world, to have received multiple international awards for my art, and how I am still mostly seen by many people, so what people, and why, and what do I want to be myself?

I just want to be myself and so far in my life, a large part of myself has been to be a rebel, because I have not fit into my surroundings, yes, in shorter periods I have been able to fit in, but no longer periods. How do you explain to people that you are doing a secret job? If it's a secret job, can you explain it then? Question. Is it alone to do a secret job? Answer yes.

How humble, kind and helpful can you be? Most other people need some kind of confirmation from their surroundings. Affirmations that they are good enough, that they are doing a good job, that they are affecting the surroundings in a positive way, despite the fact that I have received a lot of recognition, my path is so pioneering rebellious that it is not possible at all to get confirmations at my good work that I really do in practice. My work is of the Divine nature, it is a work that is guided by my higher self and cooperation with the consciousness of other higher dimensions.

I still question what real success is, really!

My way is to find out a whole lot of facts about how people work in reality, in the present. Since one of my trainings is to be a medical anthropologist, I have studied the indigenous peoples of the globe, and I have been in contact with them in a variety of ways as well. All this talk about doing a sacred work, is not always relevant in reality, I have seen. I get questioned a lot many times, and I have to be strong, friendly, helpful and understanding of the people I meet. I can't ask people to understand me, but I have to ask myself to understand other people. This is part of my work. So this means that I have to be able to handle my own emotions, e.g. maybe the most difficult feeling, which is anger, or rage, at injustice, in the world, I am an empath of great measure, so I take everything from the surroundings and know others' experiences of injustice, and this includes in my divine work, that even treat, so I can, for example, feel great sadness, when I have taken in a people's injustice, and I have to go through this, then I leave a purification, after me, that helps people to let go of the past in an easier way.

It has been so important to me in my life that there have been powerful people who have actually confirmed me. Because I myself have been such a sensitive person, so I have perceived when a person has inner peace, deep insight, clarity, brought me to know and seen this quickly, in these people and most often this has been people with a high position, where they were able to make their own decisions.

For me, some statements have been the best, I appreciate when people can see through surfaces.

One of Sweden's best directors, Jackie Söderman, told me that I was an extremely unusual character, who had a great measure of common sense.

And the commander of the Swedish Air Force, judged that I had a good ability to make my own decisions, regardless of what others said or decided that I would do or say, which was based on a real event in the Air Force, where I showed this in practice.

How come, I still feel that I am become overconfident - which is it not about at all. Because this is about me actually just telling the truth, and feeling proud of this truth about me and my qualities. and feel proud of this truth about me and my qualities, instead of looking down on myself and to "diminish myself", I think this may be the oldest pattern of my life, to "diminish myself". Almost all my work, which is almost all independent work, has resulted in that I have reduced myself, and the work I do or have done, I have not realized that it is I myself who do this, and that I have to understand that it is myself, who has to change this.

This has been difficult for me to realize, because my work is so multifaceted, and consists of so many dimensions and different thought patterns.

This in combination with being a person who has taken on the problems and difficulties of others as my own, and that it has been my job to always solve the problems of others, no matter how much they have mistreated me, because my point of view has been that I am the stronger one, and therefore should be able to take as much as possible, actually to be able to take everything. Which is not in line with my comon sence, consciousness.

Discovery, yes, this is the big discovery.

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Thank you for listening to me and I wish you a wonderful new day, blessings,

Freja Enjoy
16 January 2020
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