Freja Enjoy

Freja Enjoy is an International Artist  who is doing World Tours, and right now she's in Australia,
in Tropical Cairns, QLD, Australia Creating Authentic Tribal Goddess Art Tech.
Freja Enjoy is her Artist name, she was born Suzanne Charlotte Hiiuväin, and comes from World-Famous and Exotic Abisko in Lapland/North Sweden.

Freja Teaches and has Workshops, which Include Sacred Healing and Upgrading Of DNA and Consciousness in what is called The Final Ascension Process, where she acts as an Ascension Guide, some topics are:

- Authentic Tribal Fusion Art/Tribal Techdance/Bellydance/Art Tech.
- Authentic Tribal Goddess Mastery Toolkit Tech.
- Authentic Tribal Mystery School Of Lemuria Tech.
- Authentic Tribal Goddess Art Tech.
- Authentic Shamanic Painting and Drum Journey Tech. 
- Authentic Shaman Drum Journey Tech.



I will start my ART BLOG today because it came completely naturally, that's all. I lined up my babies today after having them in the Art Gallery, and in the background are 4 Authentic Tribal Galactic Goddess Art Tech. In front of them Authentic Tribal Fusion Aboriginal Art Tech.

The Turtle Came To Me From The BEginning Of Time On This Planet We Call Earth, Mother Earth Gaia Is Also Named TURTLE ISLAND By Indigenous Peoples As Native Americans, And This Sea Turtles Came To Me From The Greatest Depths In Our Oceans On Earth, Someone Calls This The Underworld. . . All These Sea Turtles Told To Me Came Out In Three Great Creations, Which I Wanted To Tell You A Little About Now, To You. . . 

"Imagine That This Face Holds The Most Peaceful, Lovable,
Non-Predator, Non-Judgmental Creature,
Can You As The Creature You Are, See Yourself, Do You Judge By Appearance?"

- Freja Enjoy


Artist: Freja Enjoy 2020©
Artist: Freja Enjoy 2020©

As a child, my biggest interests were the seven seas and what lives there. As a teenager, when others were lying and sunbathing, and I was in the sea and snorkeling. . .


"My first encounter with a Sea Turtle was in the Pacific Ocean off Maui, Hawaii, and I was wearing a cyclopean, we were alone below the water's. I do not go with tourist groups, I am a former tour guide in the Swedish mountain empire, a leader, I would rather wait 10 years to see a wild animal alone with this, than to go in a group and disturb the animals, then people can say what they want , but I know, I'm out on excursions for up to 5 months alone in the wilderness with my mountain tent, and know the wildlife."

- Freja Enjoy


"Aug 28 2018 - 300 sea turtles died - believed to have been caught in fishing nets. VIDEO | Around 300 sea turtles have been found dead in the water off the southern coast of Mexico." ( Media SvD in 3D Matrix)

What What does this look from this eye tell you? What does this look tell you?

By 2050, there will be more plastic than animals in the oceans - and the plastic often leads to the death of animals, including sea turtles. Information from Media (3D Matrix)

This post is not finished today 1/12, 2020, I want right now before I finish for tonight, (oh, it`s acctually 00:17am 2/12 right now) to say that these my works of art, I have in this photo here above, it form a very deep story, I saw this right now. . .  and this is the story of my life, so is my whole life, it works like that, then you have to have Divine Faith to live like I do, DIVINE FAITH and DIVINE TRUST. I will come back and tell more about it, when it`s time.

- Freja Enjoy


5th of Decmber 2020
First here I show one of my latest works of art, 

sorry but the quality of the photo is not at all the best, but you get an idea maybe. . .
And below, just a few photos of me, here in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, today Saturday, December 5, 2020 in these Epic times on Earth.