Channeling/Transmission for Septemebr 2020

by Freja Enjoy


The full moon on the 2nd of September, was not only manifesting it by what we put seed in the new moon on the 18th of August, it was a very powerful new start that became extra strong because August has purified many dense energies, because this strong purification and clearing took place in August, paved the way for manifesting completely new energy that strengthens everyone to start new project to start a new life and to leave the old behind us, in an unusually profound and new way. This became possible due to the light codes that have come in during August, and have created a spiral movement, with new star gates open, which now in September makes it quite possible to build the new that is connected to the ongoing spiritual ascension process on earth, and for which a deep foundation has already been laid. These things are important to focus on in September:

1 / stay in line with your spiritual path and your 100% spiritual commitment .... which means a lot of things, including that you look into yourself and do not see so much on the external worldly things in your life, that you slow down your pace, that you stop and breathe consciously, that you give yourself peace and quiet, and that you give your body all the rest it asks of you,

2 / Have some concrete plans for what you want to implement in September and also look ahead in October. You just need to be clear here what your own priorities are, if you feel there are many things, maybe too many things you want to accomplish, take your time to go into yourself, find the stillness there and look at what is the most important thing for you and your future, your goals your vision with your life. Do not let yourself be distracted or divided by all the different ideas that may come up this September, see all the different ideas as your resource instead, and use them as an inspiration, you do not have to manifest everything, and neither can you.

3 / be extra sensitive in your intuition in September, this is related to the fact that you look more inward within yourself, that you slow down, that you breathe consciously, that you focus on your spiritual ascension, your 100% spiritual commitment, and not on external things in the external world.

4 / make sure to finish processes or things that you do not want to live with and that do not give you joy, this is super important in September, because you can create on a whole new level now, another dimension if you want, and if you have processes or things unclear, they can in different ways hold you back in your development with this new we create now, and the new you create now. You do not have to seek and give this a long time, more that when oc h if this comes up around you that you feel that you have resistance to something that is in your life, look at this then, and take this then, immediately, wait not, but give this the time it needs, and then take a stand on what and how to act consciously. This is very important.

5 / Remember that just because you have risen to a higher dimension, if you will, or new levels within yourself now, you will not cease to face challenges, some call this problem, I say this is your opportunity , challenges are something you should look at consciously, you can also set up your own challenges to get ahead faster, if you want. Remember that these are very practical questions, challenges and how to deal with them are largely practical questions, whether it is about how you breathe practically, how you can go into yourself and listen to your intuition, what practical techniques you use to make this work for you in your life or if it is about how to get from A to B in the purely physical life, but challenges you deal with by acting. And this action is a conscious choice of action, not re - action, the reaction is an unconscious behavior and nothing that belongs in higher dimensions of reality.

6 / Think about your physical body, in more ways than one, but always positively, never hit yourself or your body, but be very careful to love your body vath so ever, your physical body is your temple, and it are you with your thoughts, your consciousness and your actions that either help or harm your own body, think carefully about this. Here are some examples of what is important that you look at in relation to your body: 1 / what do you put in you, what kind of food and drink do you eat? When you put red meat in you, you damage your body because your body is not built up by this, but is broken down. Just think about this. If you say you are an animal lover, think about whether you think it is to be a friend of animals by killing animals! Think about this: eating vegetables, fruits, high-fiber breads, herbs, filtering water from chemicals like medicines that people flush down; weed control and other things help your body build itself up. In other words, there is a big difference in how your body will feel and with this you too as a whole, depending on what you give your body to eat and drink. Your body renews itself by constantly creating new cells, when you know this, you understand how important it is for you to give your body the right food and drink, but do not forget that everything else you do not usually talk about as "food", is also food for you and your body. such as: your thoughts; that you can take care of your emotions; that you listen to your body and its intuition and more.

Transmission by Freja Enjoy 4/9, 2020
Freja Enjoy is an authorized tarotologist, psychic and medium.

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