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Dolphin Yoga a co-operation :  Lemurian DCC through their conduit Freja Enjoy.
Dolphin Yoga a co-operation : Lemurian DCC through their conduit Freja Enjoy.

Dolphin Yoga is a co - operation - Lemurian DCC, the Quantum Field and  their conduit Freja Enjoy. In this image you see the area where Lemuria is. 

Freja started channeling The Dolphin Yoga -
Five Stars Programming  in 1999.
It is a Spiritual Ascension Path for humAn BEings.


The Dolphin Yoga Path is an Spiritual Ascension Path, and consists of knowledge, wisdom and techniques. There is always something for everyone in this, because everyone can absorb what works for them in their current situation, circumstance and experience, hence their belief system and character. The presentation of these programs is currently taking place via Freja`s Drum Journey`s, as part of the advice that can be given, if participants ask. Otherwise, the presentation is being reworked, due to Freja`s world tour which started in 2018, during which work material has been lost, and to re-establish a new work material, the right place and time is required to focus on this. The future will show how and if, when it's Divine Timing. "- I bow deeply and send you all blessings, light codes and unconditional love!". - Freja Enjoy


This is the Dolphin Yoga Path of The Final Ascension Process
a SelfAscension Path by

Yoga Master and Ascended Master

Freja Enjoy

who are the channel for: 
The Dolphin Collective Consciousness (DCC).

this text is a channeling


This is one of an innumerable of ways to go through The Ascension Process,
yet it is called: The Path Of Higher Logic Dolphin Yoga - The Ascension Path -
The Final Ascension Process.

The Founder and Channel, of This Ascension Path, with the name Dolphin Yoga1) is Freja Enjoy. This is a program for everyone who feels called to evolve into themselves, to deconstruct all "belief systems", that is not serving your higher purposes in your life and why you came here and to "program", and "evolve", which is the same as remembering, because all this is what you came here to this life with and within you, whatever your true essence is, your higher self, which is a completely logical, natural and scientifically proven effective method 2)  this is your quantum existence/your multidimentional self.

1) Five Stars Program/Programming, First Class Education International, HI, 2000.
 Freja is a trained researcher, ie, she has scientific degrees in Medical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology and has researched how the indigenous peoples of the Earth practiced healing and cooperation. Freja acted as a researcher already as a child, far more critical and exploratory than the world of science approves, and her studies have been going on throughout her active life, she has also seen herself and her life as a research project, but her studies are outside normal limits for researchers, they are multidimensional. Freja had worked out her entire doctoral dissertation, but chose to follow The Dolphin Collective Consciousness's guidance from this point in her life 1999 when The Dolphin Collective Consciousness contacted her, however she can call herself a Doctor if she so wishes, Dr. Freja Enjoy, due to the fact that her work was ready to be published in principle, but Freja Enjoy is 100% comitted to her Spiritual Path. 

Dolphin Yoga is a combination of high quality techniques to keep you not only completely healthy in every way, but also to evolve into the high-light being you were born to become again while you live your life on Earth now!

"Dolphin Yoga is largely about preparing and going through the transformation that then allows you to begin learning how to decipher and interpret light codes of various kinds, which is why Dolphin Yoga is called the higher logic of yoga. It is laughable that people who are far from so high standing in their way of living authentically, in other words, really utilize their abilities, brains and DNA, cell memories etc, as several other animals 3)  are, including the dolphins, write statements about these higher standing animals on earth, you can understand what I'm saying here, a being that has a lower consciousness, can not possibly explain a being that has a higher consciousness, and that beings with a lower consciousness try to "knock each other out" show only how badly they have contact with their inherent abilities, which they have not made contact with, but blocked by living "a mechanical life" and "by repeating their old patterns that they know have not worked before ... ", and through directly stupid 4)  attitudes where they are based on something they have not even experienced, only shows how low standing they are in their consciousness, and this is not a judgement, this is a discernment.   

3) by "other animals" it is said that man is one of all animals on Earth, that man is not superior to the animals or as you may understand now, not even on the same level as other animals, as long as man has this attitude, some believed that they themselves are not animals, and that is where the misconception starts. For a human BEing to be able to develop into a true multidimensional being, some basic insights are required and these insights are not gained for free or by buying them for money or through education at all, they are gained through one's own inner work with one's own life. If you who read this take a closer look at my presentations in my website here, you can calculate that my life has meant a very large measure of perseverance, patience, divine trust and divine faith, I have constantly worked with myself and my own inner life, and I am currently 66 years young, and will not die from this my beloved physical body, as old no, I will be forever young, but in another realm there is the timeless unlimited wisdom, and it is my partner , which contains all my different spirit guides, which I channel. Everything I have learned comes from within myself, and this you can also learn, and that is what Dolphin Yoga teaches you, gives you techniques, tools and the inspiration to be able to perform. But as I said, all the work you have to do yourself, otherwise it will not be able to benefit you and your life. Of course, I have had to go through things that no one else is allowed to do, otherwise I would not have the divine service I have today, which also meant being able to be completely outside of everything people do and talk about, but still love everyone and everything and want to continue, to come back and help. 
4) yes, I consciously allow myself to call this "stupid" because I can't find a better word, and remember I do not say, that people are stupid, I say that this kind of attitude is. 

You also cannot reach a higher consciousness by mechanically repeating certain behaviors, not any, not even by such as doing yoga, mediation or other exercises in "mechanically repeated patterns", it is also one of the reasons The Dolphin Collective Consciousness contacted me, because we would create Dolphin Yoga, which obviously couldn't be created overnight. Dolphin Yoga is created through a development process, and through a flow of collaboration, in collaboration with a multidimensional higher consciousness (quantum higher self), that now been going on over twenty years (20 years). And aslo, I do NOT say that people are "stupid", I know that people do their best, in the step they are in, I myself have gone through the steps to know all this, through my own experience, I honor people for wanting to develop !"

My channeling is obviously a part of me because I live what I channel, it can not be in any other way, in what I work with. That being said, I use formulations from myself sometimes and formulations with distance sometimes, but this does not really matter, the important thing is that I as a channel stand for everything I channel, with my own life. Otherwise, this would be disrespectful and irresponsible, what I work with, and it is the other way around, my path is a path where I honor the respect and responsibility for all life on Earth.


"Dolphin Yoga was founded i Hana, Hawaii in the year of 1999 when Dr. Freja Enjoy was guided by the Lemurian Dolphin Collective to go stay i Hana, the most beautiful place she ever saw. Freja Enjoy was greeted to be welcome by the local Hawaiian womens in the small ancient harbor and they showed her the house to live in, with palmtrees, oceanview and everything nice you could need. It was in this place Freja Enjoy was channeling and starting the path into the Magical Dolphin Yoga, witch is an ever ongoing journey to work with, because it`s about always getting updated, upgraded and developed all the time, so Freja Enjoy can build the system, and rebuild the programs of the Dolphin Yoga, and in Divine Timing present in to the rest of the world, again and again, the program are continuously updated, with new light codes, DNA upgrades and codes in the ongoing Ascension Process."

In 1999, Freja was contacted by The Dolphin Collective Consciousness (Lemurian / Atlantis / Galactic), Freja then worked at this time, with her doctorate in the Swedish university city of Lund, her work was about indigenous peoples on Earth and their multidimensionality, and Freja`s contact with The Dolphin Collective Consciousness, completely changed Freja's life. Freja had worked out her entire doctoral dissertation, but chose to follow The Dolphin Collective Consciousness's guidance from this point in her life, however she can call herself a Doctor if she so wishes, Dr. Freja Enjoy, due to the fact that her work was ready to be published in principle.

 They, the Dolphin Collective Consciousness, gave Freja the name ENJOY, as a Leading Star for her to fulfill in her life, and In 1999, Freja became the channel for the Galactic Ascension Program Dolphin Yoga, after having several celestial experiences with The Dolphin Collective Consciousness.

Freja Enjoy: "The Dolphin Collective Consciousness (DCC), who gave me my name Enjoy, reminds me that I came here to enjoy my life, I came here to joyfully create what I love, provide this nourishment with my good and energetic thoughts and feelings and then see this manifest in my life, this is why I came here. This was the reason they named me Enjoy, so I would learn to remove programming that has served their role and teach me how to program people, or rather teach how to teach people this, so they/people, can program themselves ! In short: I channel DCC, and to develop Dolphin Yoga, 1 / I was required to have certain qualities within me and 2 / it was needed that I was able to work in the constant process of updating the programs, and to go through this within myself, by myself, and to then be able to work out a material that other people can use for their best! - Please be nice to yourself! - Most of all, make sure you enjoy your life!" 


- Freja Enjoy / WolfEye Dances with Dolphins

With all due Respect and Gratitude to Freja Enjoy and her Beautiful and Loving Divine Work,
Team FrejaEnjoy.com

© copyright frejaenjoy.com & Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge / WolfEye Dances with Dolphins 2027


This image shows how New Earth is created by all gridworkers across the globe, among them are all ascension guides and ascended masters, one of them Freja Enjoy.
This image shows how New Earth is created by all gridworkers across the globe, among them are all ascension guides and ascended masters, one of them Freja Enjoy.

This image shows how New Earth is created by all gridworkers accross the globe, among them all the ascension guides and the Ascended Masters, amongst them Freja Enjoy.