Freja Enjoys Spiral Theory 

Freja Enjoys spiral theory is a set of theories, two of these are central, and it is about human quantum development, multidimentional reality: the special theory of human quantum development and the general theory of quantum development.  The central idea in both theories is that all development undergoes a development path, which can be described as moving, like a double spiral, like the DNA spiral, dubbel helix spiral. Every single area, of a human beings, experience, learning, development, consciousness and conscious development, undergoes this spirals movement. And each human being is unique in its own experience of how this conscious development is experienced. Time and space are different experiences, but the development applys equally to all areas, that is the movement of the spiral.

Freja Enjoy is a trained scientist, medical anthropologist, quantum healer and psychic, among others. She has helped thousands of people move on in their lives and to develop their consciousness.