A w e s o m e
T i m e  –  S p i r a l s
are Dimensional Portals, 
speed your energy and keep on being Open Minded and Open Hearted!

By Freja Enjoy

6/8, 2017 Just do it – do not worry…feel the love … it`s magical, you are magical, we are magical - jump the Dimensional Portals...

                      A w e s o m e  - T i m e  –  S p i r a l s
are Dimensional Portals, speed your energy and keep on being Open Minded and Open Hearted!

By Freja Enjoy


   There is not one way to go through and / or look at the Ascension process, there are many. There is not one proper way to describe the Ascension process and transformation process, there are many. How could it be different? It is the diversity that is a signum. It is the movement that is a signum. To me, "time-line" feels like something "static", I know several people use this "expression", but I prefer to see this as an "time-spiral", this is Freja`s word, because it is  t i m e - s p i r a l s  and for me this what I have taught since the 1980sand this is so Beautiful for the process, the transformation,  T I M E    S P I R A L   because For me, all development is something that moves in a spiral form forward. This is only words, but we, or at least me, I do use words to create an image of how the energy works. I have been and am a soul that uses me a lot of different forms of expression, and above all I use artistic / creative expressions, words are also a creative expression. The creative energy is in fact also sexual energy and you how have not known this, sexual energy and sexuality is a very open and free form, it has nothing to do with all shit religion bull shit, yeh, i`m sure you don`t mind…  that make you think about sin and the devil and all this judical way of perceving the words this judicial it is P U R E  LOVE  it is P U R E energy it is P U R E thought. Super Awesome is that. I`m wet, wet, wet and Love Is All Around MEEEE… and YOUUUUU … MUUUUUU… we are so getting this GOOOOD…  
   But my main expressions are and have been: dance movement; music movement; color motion/movement; mold movement; picture movement; Energy movement, and then all these forms are creative expression forms for me, and all creative expression forms are artistic expressions, to me. Then could choose not to write here that this is how it is "to me" here now, it sounds more authoritative to say that "here it is", i`m right, but of course i`m right, yeh, hehe…! And many want to believe more on people who express things in an authoritative way, saying "it`s like this," but I'm more feminine in my way of expressing myself, so I'm humble and allow me to get fewer to like my way of expressin my self…   I'm writing because I let my self sound "vague" or maybe "insecure" because of this, because i`m not insecure, that`s it.  BUT I'm not insecure at all, in fact, I mean that this is more self-sure to dare to oppose the greater amount of people's habits in language use, and be true, honest and genuine to my self and to universe, my being, my DNA and my origin. I know and have long been aware that my true nature is very deeply feminine.
My soul, I, of course, is neither "woman" or "man", but even if the balance is not a static state, you can be more of it sometimes, yes, this can change, it switches even when you are "balanced".

   It is also talked about "quantum jump" and that we should jump from an "time-line" to another. That we should jump from one matrix to another matrix. Yes, simply, this is what we are going to do. But deeper, our development takes place in spirals, just as the DNA spiral looks like. And we have different energy bodies, such as our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body etc., then we do have several layers of auras, because our different energy bodies have their own auras, etc. ... I'm telling this now because this can help to understand that development does not happen linearly or on a line ... and the time we "live" after is merely a tool for people to manage to organize their lives and their thoughts, not All in all meant to lock people to be slaves under the clock or time calculation ...

   Back to my dear spiral, when you learn more about yourself and how you work, it's good to make notes. You can see, as a "proof" that you develop in spirals, which are a form of circles though they last forever,     they do not spin round-round in the same lap! As a tape player repeating the same track time after time, no, the spiral shape is an open form. So open that it's forever. What you can see is that you return to the same "problem" again and again in your development, this development takes place in sublime “form”, and  in a sublimer "form" for each new revolution in this developmental spiral. If you develop. If you do not develop, you will return to the same "point" you were before, over and over, until you "continue". This I feel like the perfect mind image for what re-in-carnation – reincarnation - stands for.

  Again, I could omit, "I think so" or “I feel it this way”, and not just type "this is it", can you understand me, you can understand what I mean to be humble in this case. When talking about the NEW, many forget about everything changing, language usage is nothing like GOD has written a lawbook on how to use it. I am fully aware and aware of this I do, I want people to learn to see that the change applies to all levels. All of this is perfectly obvious to me, but I see everywhere the "ruling" languages on earth, is not really saying so much I think, you can read what is there but for many people just read and think that yes, that sounds good and then they look at how Known as a person is who has said this. This happens that when more people are drawn to one thing, there will be even more coming ... yes, haha, it works on business in business! People get mad when there are extra prices for goods and stands and becomes crazy over the goods for everyone want the same at that moment - people get there because there are already many there and licking their mouths. This is a "group mentality", and I see this clearly everywhere. Stop yourself, and see that you are unique.

  I have it in my DNA to be very brave, not perhaps as most people look at brave ( yes that too…), but I dare to stand alone and still challenge and provoke people, just because I like and need to see people wake up and think themselves. Then people say that I have that "usual" fashion to be brave too, as well. When I trained as a tour guide in the Swedish mountains, an old "fox" from the Swedish Mountain Rescue, one of our teachers, said that I had a very safe and stable voice, which worked perfectly as a leader's voice. I have many examples of very good reviews I have received from highly qualified and highly qualified people in Swedish society. So yes, I'm a True Innovator and a true entrepreneur. And I as someone wrote about me "I throw me away” into new tasks, without hesitation for a second what they mean for difficulties, I do not see the difficulties, I see my goal and my vision and I live from my heart and intuition. Which does not mean that I'm different from others in meeting situations where you have to solve problems, not at all, I've always assumed that I'm the one who will help others, always. It was late in life I really saw what I had to do to get rid of the idea that I was not entitled to help myself! My solution had lasted for a long time, but everyone in the 3d society whom I asked for advice from everyone had avoided listening to me and they only repeated their beliefs. I know what this means to know if someone believes in you and what it means to believe in yourself. All of this is part of the development a person goes through, different but still the same for all ...
  This, all this, is my great passion. I love being able to help other people. If I had not done that, Love others, I would not have written on Facebook, even if only one person likes when I put up the things that matter to me and what matters most to my own development. Because I am very adept at looking through this as well, and understanding and seeing each subject's underlying motives, some get scared, when they realize my abilities, others scared because I do not fit into their rigid ideas about how a human should Be for them.

   But back to the spiral now, imagine now that a single "question" you handle within you is a spiral movement, saying that this question is about something that is in the field of "your mental energy body" then this "question" to move forward in a developmental spiral if you change your perception in the "right" direction, you move forward in the spiral, in this "matter". Then you can add all your ideas, perceptions, belief systems, everything, and in different energy bodies, etc. it`s working this way. And this will be an infinite number of different "spirals", all at different stages of development. Now I'll finish this time and I'll do it by "by taking this easy now”, so I say a "quantum jump", that's when you've got enough "spirals" at a level where they together create this jump - otherwise, this jump will not work. And I want to point out that you do not have to worry, this is no race, it's just that everyone wants to feel good and freedom is nice - it's all about daring to take it. Just do it. It´s so cool. It`s love in expression. I`m so grateful and thankful - this as all great, love you all!


Freja with Much  Love.

Freja is an Ascension guide / Quantum Healer
© frejaenjoy2017

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