SUNday AUGUST 1 st

Alexandra Park 
54A Quay Street 


"- My Deepest Bow In Respect for All Life on Earth,
I Am Freja Enjoy / WolfEye Dances with Dolphins
and I AM here in Divine Service to you all, here this moment of Time,
on this Paradise Island and planet that is Mother Earth.
 Blessings, Light Codes and Unconditional Love to you All!"

- Freja Enjoy


Freja with her Shaman Drum in Sweden
Freja with her Shaman Drum in Sweden


I live in a reality where the animals can talk - and the trees, the wind, the water, the fire, the rocks, the river, the mountain, the lake, the sea, the forest, the sky, the stars . . .    And among these creatures also dwell those who are invisible to many; spirits, goddesses, gods, natural beings. I am related to all the creatures of the earth, I am one of them - not superior or inferior to them. Everything that has life has a will to communicate, to receive and give, love and respect. That is why all of us who have an animistic approach grieve when we see how the people of the world rape nature and all our relatives. We must kill to eat and dress, to kill animals or plants, that is an old truth. The shaman knows that. She also knows that what is taken in respect and gratitude is accepted, for all life lives under the same conditions. Imbalance is what hurts and with the elders she works to maintain balance, to restore reverence. In our time it is difficult, because so many are blinded by desire and all the imbalance we have created strikes back at ourselves in the end. The shaman of our time in the commercial world also knows that it is difficult to see through the false voices and start listening to the true story. Shaman is the wounded healer, the wounded healer or healer and she knows, because she herself has suffered, but she has found her own cure with the help of the spirits. With it she also found the power to be able to heal others, the power to be able to see between the worlds. Once she dared to say YES! and enter into the unknown, give in and follow the spirits.

(Shamanism is not a religion, 
Shamanism is a cross-cultural spiritual path practiced in every continent of the world. It is remarkably similar everywhere even though, throughout history, there has been little contact between shamans in widely divergent parts of the world. All attempts to wipe out shamanism by the Nazis and by various organized religions have failed. Although some people consider shamanism a religion it has no dogma, pope, a sacred book or any universal set of rules or commandments. Indigenous shamans around the world come from all different walks of life, where the respect for nature, wildlife and the unconditional love as the greatest power in universe, is the guideline.) 

Freja Enjoy / WolfEye Dances with Dolphins


From a soul in a human body, which sought answers from me:

"Thank you so much for your time and wisdom Freja Enjoy!"


From a soul in a human body, which sought answers from me:

"Thank you so much! You are a Bodhisattva !"

Bodhisattva (Sanskrit: meaning “Awakened Truth” or "Enlightenment Being") www.newworldencyclopedia.org 

From a soul in a human body, which sought answers from me:

"Yes, you just made my heart explodes exponentially.. thank you for the confirmation that I am on my path/.../"