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The Love Revolution : Rainbow Light Tunnel 2019
by Freja Enjoy

   To accept all your feelings, your thoughts, accept the thought systems you live with and look at this "with a perspective that you are the observer of yourself" and with a large embracing heart, this is Love Revolution / Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   It is uncomfortable to feel physically, all these emotions, thoughts and believes, which come up now in July 2019, we are shifting, it takes time, we have help from the light codes to activate us, this is powerful, so it feels in our bodies, tornadoes within us happen, within everyone now on and off, this is all possible that comes up for us, there are lots of all thingzx of stuff that come up to the surface now, in all of us, more and less, you not only get cracked open, there are deep things to come up, so the energy can go on, there is nothing wrong with us because of this, nothing is wrong, we cannot bypass this either, we all have our own responsibility to go through what comes to us. Let this go through your heart, so thank you for what comes even if it feels difficult, so look at what comes up, be in your heart and love it, because then you accept this.  And this is Love Revolution / Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   So if something comes up that you are ashamed of, then you stop this your process, this ascension process, so allow yourself to be who you are with all this means, and it means that you get to feel all your different feelings, perceptions of thoughts etc. and when you are there allow yourself to be there , try not to skip what you are experiencing, do not skip what your true experiences are, you learn to be in the higher states by coping with your own true feelings and thoughts, and all the ideas you might have had how you thought it was to go through the ascension process, so being brave is to stay in this tornado that comes up within you and whatever comes up that feels "wrong", you may feel alone, being an outsider, being unsuccessful, being dull, being not seen, feeling like no one cares, you may feel anger , rage, aggretion, all different difficult and dense feelings, and this is important, This is Love Revolution / Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   So there are days we feel we can't bear more, but we do, we can, we can breathe and relax, I also go through this in a conscious way, I look at this happen to me, so I must also feel all this, uncertainty, fear, etc. It is unpleasant to experience this, and if you think you can bypass this, and refuse to experience all this and pretend you are not experiencing this, you only hurt yourself, allow yourself to feel this, be grateful and say to yourself "- GOOD let this come up now!", the unpleasant you feel, this "garbage", the faster you can accept what you feel, your thoughts coming up and what you see, you will rise up in ascension process, the pain and everything, how much do you manage, you can do this, you would not stand where you stand today and experience this you experience if you were not ready to go through this and also this will help you to get up, to rise, to ascend, allow this to happen, and you will ascend faster, you can rise faster, you can do this, if you like to, you can accept all you are, with your heart and with your soul.    

   Honoring everything that comes up, from a heart's perspective, do you understand what I say, you should feel this now, you can do this, if you deny yourself your own feeling, than you will not at all develop, so whatever comes up within you LOVE IT. Some things that come up will make you believe this is wrong, but it is not wrong to feel everything that comes up within you, just be honest with yourself and the way you feel, I experience this daily going through this, this is unpleasant, this is the HUMAN PATH and this is what this is all about, it is about to accept all this. Love yourself for all this, do not deny yourself, because you do not shift from to deny yourself to feel what you feel, this, this is what the ascension is all about, this to experience, you understand now, that is how you ascend, no other way is possible. This is Love Revolution / Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   You rise when you accept everything you are, everything you feel, accept all the discomfort and all the unpleasant thoughts, feelings from different thought systems will come up, but/and this is the PROCESS - so that's how you rise, in acseneison. Some programs in ascension claim you should only feel "fine feelings, higher frequent feelings" you should go away from this difficult one feelings you will feel, and the difficulty in what you experience, this is powerful to accept everything you actually experience with emotions, everything you feel, without excluding any heavy emotions, and to truly ascend, this is the path.

This is the Portal, we have gone through this portal now - our physical body undergoes this intense energy who come to us through these light codes - so everything, our conscious and unconscious is in us, so we can clear this out - and it can be anywhere in these pockets  of stored "things", within you - so when these strong light, that the codes enter you so they unlocks everything that has been locked in you - and you experience the discomfort, this is why it must be accepted and loved from your heart, so you physically walk through this portal now - its high frequancy will be during these weeks to be strong and let this crack you up, one by one, and you will feel this change you and you feel this shift. You can go from a frequency 3.9 maybe and next time you stand in 4,o frequency, by accepting that you feel exactly what you feel, this is to go through the portal. This is to jump, jump is what you can do the exact second you have accepted all your feelings how ugly they even are! And you can´t escape this, you have to go though, through, so love this journey, and love your self, love yourself AND IT IS WHY YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF THOUGHT THIS BECAUSE YOU ARE LOVE - DO YOU SEE? - so this is very NATURAL - you can´t just sit and feel only one kind og feelings. And this is Love Revolution / Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   And this is what is going to happen once and once again, this is what it is to shift DNA the dormant DNA your DNA is shifting when you are natural and accept all that is coming up, that is what it is to shifting, and that is what it is beind the evolving more crystalline physical body.

And some teachers don´t tell you about what they feel, experience, becuse they don´t want others to know they are also experience this, but thats what THEY NEED TO ACCEPT that as a techer you also have to feel and experience all, so we do all this TOGETHER - and all the other feelings is in you, the joy, the happiness, it is all LOVE, you learn to shift your way of looking at yourself now.

   It is because you accept the LOVE and see all this on a distance now and to at the same time experience it, you can see it and be conscious about that, you are not this you experience now, but you are experience it, can you hear me? And it´s The Love Revolution / The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   Love it all, so love the whole experience, and remember now that this experiences will make you feel the joy even moore after this - do you see what I say? In this paradigme we are shifting, and you learn now that rage, anger all lower vibe feelings is not bad, it not either good, it just is what it is, and when you accept all your feelings when they come up to the surface, then you are brave, you have to be courageus to feel it, so don´t say to yourself that you shouldent feel what you feel, you are going to this higher state of consciousness now, and you have to do this together with your physical body, and your physical body feel everything, can you hear me now, and this will take some time, I say time because as humans we still look at life from this perspective we call time, as an anthropolgist I tell you that there is many different ways to se time too, but when we say time, we refear to linear time and this process will take time, linear time, it will take som time, and it is ok.This is The Love Revolution / The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   And when you are shifting you jump, but you can´t force to JUMP to a nother frequency, you jump through feeling all your upcoming feelings, like feeling if you are feeling worry, pain, psychological pain, all feelings of that you lack different things in your life, all this is ok to feel, but do not stay in these feelings, just observe them and "move on", this is a sensitive balance once again, so it is not about feeling sorry for yourself, but it is about recognizing what we know right away when this comes up to the surface and it is about to be here and now, this is like a small child who asks to get attention and be come loved, all you have to do is love these your feelings that come up, this is all they want you to do for them, this is to accept your feelings and then let this go, you can do this, you are brave and you will rise, then.

   So I have my days filled with cleaning out "my" energies, that often are not my personal energies as I mostly clear for all around me, one of my greatest works, and this is to be moving forward, but you will not move forward and upward unless you are with everything you are, including to be aware of all your feelings in your physical body and accept them and ldearn how to deal with them, you have to clean everything that wants to come and go through you, it's not bad to do clearings, 

So I have my days filled with cleaning out energies, that mostly are not my personal energies, as I mostly clear for all around me, one of my greatest works. And you will learn to do this for yourself now, so it will be as easy as doing other chores every day, though you are more brave now, this is your contribution to this shift. This is to be moving forward, but you will not move forward and upward unless you are with everything you are, including to be aware of all your feelings in your physical body and accept them and learn how to deal with them, you have to clean everything that wants to come up through your body, all feelings are in your physical body now, they are also your guiding system, and go through you, it's not bad for you to do clearings, it`s fundamental that you do your own clearings, and when you understand what I say in this article you will know how to do this now. Ascension is to clear your energy very shortly pointed out, and remember, this is not a punishment that you experience all this, you have not done anything wrong, but it is if you are good at taking in all this, then you get this , and you will also rise more, but this you can not prove to others, so try not to make it look like you have got up high, because then it will be the opposite, we will not get more than we can handle So this is good for you, you can get up faster when you go through everything you experience, this is to enjoy and to enjoy on another level. There is no point in calling yourself an ascended master in itself, this is a thought remnant from the 3d matrix and the old paradigm, trying to make itself important by having high titles. However, sometimes these different titles can have an important function, and it is then meaningful to use them. This is the Love Revolution / Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity / 

Do you understand, you can also enjoy difficult emotions when you are aware of what this means, you can do what I said in the list I gave in the latest YouTube video here before, which is linked to this article here, *) and you can take a walk, shower, listen to music, and see what you feel, recognize everything, and allow it to come back again and again, that may be the case when it comes to some old life patterns you've lived through and this is just okay , but you should not take it away, you must agree that it will come back and ask you for your attention, so do as I have described in this article before.

   You may cry of this, you may, sweat of this, and then after experiencing this a few hours you may experience being free from it and soaring, and again you see that these heavy energies come to you again, you should not tell yourself that you do not want to feel this, do not tell yourself that this is wrong, be grateful and love what comes up instead, and look at everything you know and experience with gratitude, this is nothing you should escape from at all, on the contrary you have to move through all this, you move forward and you move upward through all this that takes place through your physical body, so do not stay and feel sorry for yourself when experiencing difficult emotions, do not cling to the difficult feelings, live as "ordinary" and do things as usual, but look at all this at the same time in a new way, with an awareness that this is not you, this is something you are going through only now, you do, continue to live but Look at all that is painful and realize that it is okay that it has been so for you and realize that it was exactly what you wanted to experience and get the knowledge of, by experiencing it yourself, it then becomes a wisdom, can you see this I say? You are walking around the portal and this is your next now moment, looking at yourself and talk to your self, many of us are courageous, so we go though this consciously, not all, but many of us are going though this - and it We are doing this who are creating this shift now! IT´S NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS ITS 100% OK and in our perspective this is all Beautiful, WE ARE THIS SHIFT! This is The Love Revolution / The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

You will and you are clearing out this density now - and I say bless you! 

   To CLICK through and to the next frequency is to JUMP, you can do it, because you are a strong one, It´s the human form who are ascensding and mother earth have already ascended, now we the strong once are doing this to. Don´t try to be someone you are not, dont try to feel something you don´t feel, so take me for example, I feel its not ok that I dont get more likes on facebook and that Facebook are abusing me, with acusing me I have abusive posts when I only give out help to people, and they try to block me and my work, it make no sence, dont try to understand everything, its not nessecary to understand all, but I do take decisions based on what happens to me, i decide not to be on facebook more than absolutely necessary, because Facebook has employees who are directly depriving and who abuse others in their work, and  they missuse their powers they only because they are employees at facebook, I see all this totaly clearly that they are in the 3D matrix and have problems with themselves, those who act abusively against me. So I have come to see and to say that once again, I can transform their abusive behavior to be something reversed for me in my life, I have transformed this into developing my work and me now instead. And I can openly tell you this without me feeling sorry for myself or those who act abusively on Facebook. I take responsibility for myself and my life, and because I can transform their bad behavior in this way, so it will be an advantage for me and in my life ... I increase both my own power and my help to others, by showing others how to do, when this happens in one's life, because I have posted one of my YouTube videos in my facebook account and told people about facebooks abuse against me, and I did say that I discard all comments about feeling sorry for me or at all in this situation and that if people want to act then I have asked them to help my work by posting my video instead because Facebook stopped me publishing this video that only helps others people. This is Love Revolution / This is The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   And this is what I have done for many years, I have shown people on facebook how I do in my life, not talked about it, but people do not understand most of the time, even if they want to appear to be wise and that they understand, but I have been stubborn and obviously this is how I am 100% so I will not stop or give up, regardless of whether people generally understand or not, I know that I do a good job. its nessesary to feel, dear beloveds, accept, and an aspect of you know all this and we are doing this shift tohether now, so we are in this unity consciouness, this is Heart centered consciousmness not only to feel love all the time, but to understand that love have many different levels to be expressed, see that you are really loving and in love at the same time as you feel the lower density feelings at the same time, you can´t love others if you judge others feelings or your own feelings, so start with yourself and look at yourself first of all, and do it now, and enjoy yourself whatever, because that is when you truly can enjoy your life that you are creating for yourself. this is The Love Revolution / This is The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

   So, thank you for walking your path, we are now in the middle of The RAINBOW LIGHT TUNNEL and this is The Love Revolution / This is The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

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The Love Revolution : Rainbow Light Tunnel 2019 - Freja Enjoy 

   We are transforming viktory out from caos NOW! This is The Love Revolution / This is The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity / and it is also shown in the astrolgic signs now around the lunar eclipse, in many diff ways, I will not go in to this, because I´m not into the astrolgical specialisations, I am more of the numerlogical works, and the tarot works and oracle works, and most of all, I am and have the CLAIR SENSES, you know the diff types of  psychic sensitivity corresponding to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, touching. Clair Senses in psychic terms are translated: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance, and as I also am an empath who feel everythinh around me, and can read people and energies, I sense in CLAIR SENSES all the time, so I have a realy tuff time being amongst people in all places in towns, marketplaces and so on, and also to be in social media, belielve me or not, but I try to learn all the time how to manage this for myself, , but also I realy are working for to find my 100% righty spot my BASE on earth now, I am coming closer now, and the galactics have told me I have to have patience, because I am doing a great cleraing workj for many by my senses and my physical body, and by beeing a Diviner and Ngoma/Sha-ma-ma. I am the creator of the New Earth Archetype Sha-ma-ma, and I have to explain that topic in a separate article and video later. So what we do now is giving birth too a new paradigm, of Love and Unity, and of cource we who are going to be born again into new stargates we must also experience all that comes with going through a birth, it includes experiencing pain and chaos in this process, and when we know this and that we are not alone in this, so we can more easily accept and relax in it. Because this is The Love Revolution / This is The Rainbow Light Tunnel / Transforming to Victory / Love Unity /

With much Love and blessings,
Freja Enjoy / WolfEye Dances with Dolphins

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