A brief description from my background

and my relationship with the worldly, and two photos relating to my text.

A meeting with a medium long before my knowledge of what this was, a short story about one of my spectacular journeys in southern Europe.

by Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge

   My first meeting with a medium was when I was on one of my lonely walks around Europe in the 1970s. With me in luggage, I had a few addresses to people I might look up during my travel in southern Europe. It was all my own intuition that although if I would contact any of these contacts or not. I was on an adventure trip, one of my adventure trips, and there could be staying overnight on the floor of a train station in Verona, Italy for example. Which I also did, and met a violin player on the way to a concert and a drifter who had no home to go too. I had longer conversations with both of these men there during the night at Verona train station in Italy.

   The man who was homeless would show me being intelligent by telling about all the things he read in the magazine called “The Best”, which apparently was also in Italy. I listened to him. He was a kind soul. I always had things, in my backpack, with me, to help me take care of my own feet on my adventure trips. Foot file, foot cream, a towel and so on, and this man's feet were not so manicured, I saw. I offered him to take care of his feet there at Verona train station in Italy. He let me take care of his feet, I arranged so I could wash his feet first. I used my foot file to remove the hardness that was on his feet so they disappeared, I cleaned his toenails, cut his toenails, and then as the last thing to do I massaged his feet while lubricating them with a nice foot cream. For me, it has always been the giving and that I saw and experienced gratitude in the one I helped, in the eyes of this person, that  was my salary, for this is how my nature is and has always been. This man was so grateful and happy about what I gave him, he completely radiated of light and gratefulness. This was my happiness too.

   Yes, this is how my days could look. I did not have much money to deal with. I often hitchhiked around. One of my contacts lived in Switzerland. We had an adventure on the snowy Alps in a cabin lying alone on the mountain, we were two girls and two guys who took us there in snow so deep to pulse that it reached all the way between the knees and thighs, heavy to walk in but fresh and nice. We slept in our sleeping bags and ate Swiss cheese fondue in the glow of candles in the evening. And these young people were so interesting to listen to, we had fun together. What interests they had, the girl studied to medicine doctor, one of the guys, who invited me, was in training for a pilot at the Swiss Air Force,  and the other guy studied biology at university, but he wanted to be a helicopter pilot, and acually studied for this as well.  It was in fact Tony, who was trained as a pilot in the Swiss Air Force or, as it is now called the Swiss Armed Forces, who invited me a second time to his home in Switzerland later on, and at that time I was presented, among other things, to a well-known medium in Switzerland, so she and one of her best friends who happened to be a successful and famous psychologist, invited me to a cozy and nice restaurant, to eat a dinner, together with them. This was the beginning of our friendship  with both these amazing women. And this was how my first meeting with a medium went, they asked me to tell them, what I "saw", and they gave me some "symbols", I would tell them about, three different steps that I had to follow there in my "visiontelling", and I had a lot to tell , and they were very interested in listening to me, and even inspired by me and interested in what I had to tell.

   But when I later asked if I could know something about my future, but that was not something I got to know, this was clearly a secret. And I wondered many times why. Though I understood this in my way, for the fact was that there were huge adversities, difficulties and tragic events I would face over many years after these meetings. But today I can see that what I described for them was my soul, how my interior looks, my purity, my open heart, my vulnerability, and that I really walked alone - really - lonely. I did not want to know about this in advance I can say. I have never been interested in predictions either, but I have always been interested in living in the present and learning in the present. I have lived multidimensionally long before these terms were known as they are today. Then I had no idea that later in my life I would be interested in deep forms of counseling to other people and work on this as it became to be, and as I has become highly dependent on my own life in this matter, as I always looked at myself as my own research project, really, and always searching for the answers within myself, but often stuck with a huge amount of literature reading both privately and at several different universities.

   Most I have learned through my own practices, that I worked with myself, meditated, yoga, many, many courses in esoteric traditions from different corners of the world. And my meetings with different teachers, gurus, healers, shamans, etc, and that I have collaborated with several of these, and then received guidance to go on to do  my work by my own, myself being the one I evaluated, yes, this is the most solid background a human can have in order to provide others with a stable, profound and truly original advice-service,  based on a large Love and respect for my fellow human beings.

   This was just a brief introduction about my background as an advisor and that I do divine readings at times and that I should really work more to help other people directly and charge for my services than I have ever done. I have usually worked without demanding anything back.


Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge


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