Artist Statement Freja Enjoy

"Freja Enjoy was born circa 1954 in Sweden and her Art is based on empirical reality. Freja is a designer and textile engineer, and trained as a researcher in anthropology at university.

Freja`s work is always well grounded in her own life experiences, deep knowledge, wisdom and professional skill, and she works and creates out of an immensely strong sense of necessity that is coming from her experiences of unconditional Love to Life itself, and all its forms. 

Some statements from collectors, gallery owners and international art curators about Freja Enjoy`s Art: It is Soulfull, Powerful, Brilliant, Enigmatic, Vibrant, it has Tranquility, it has an Healing Effect, it is a Source of Inspiration, it is Joyfull, and it is Sacred and Eternal.

Freja is Guided Spiritually, her Art contains Sacred Signs, for example White and Rainbow dots, Spirals and all her works of Art have a Deeply Meaningful Sacred Story, people say they can feel this and that it affects their Life In a Good Way. Freja Enjoy is a yogi master and a shamanic practitioner, and she lives her life in a meditative state. She is a huge nature lover and a former mountain guide from Northern Sweden mountain world." 

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Some of Freja Enjoy`s specialties:

"After a meeting with ETs, at Greece's National Island Hydra, 1978, I started using different effects of gold, silver, rainbow colors in metallic, in my paintings." 

"After one of my beautiful and quiet meditation moments in a cemetery, 1985, I started painting white dots and sometimes even black crosses in my paintings, it took some years before I did understand what it was sacred signs, and that I Am a natural medium."

"I transform people just by being in the same room as them, and because people are not at all aware of why they are drawn to Me, and to my Art, sometimes this is tricky for me to deal with, but I have spiritual support everywhere from the other side. People, they do not know that they want to be transformed, transformation is healing, my Art helps people to be transformed without effort. I Am a transformer, I Am born this way, it is a healing power!"