Huge Timeline Shift
in the end of
September 2019

Extreme & Divine

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by Medical Anthropologist and Ascension Guide

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   This Timeline, which has been open for a while now in September 2019, has a large Star Gate open now at the end of September, which has some magical places left, are you possibly one of the ones joining us now? We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and, the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural. A tip: Some important selected words: Go to the end of this article to know this.

  Extreme and Divine Truth and Power in Clarity! This is what September's new Timeline is all about, first and foremost this shift in September 2019 is about having Clarity. It is all about Awesomeness And this is simply because without your Clarity, you do not know what it is you should focus on when you take the step into this new timeline. This is an absolutely outstanding timeline. It does not have one or two or three distinct characteristics that are clearly evident, but it has a multiple number of character traits that it consists of, this is a First Class Quantum Timeline! As you enter this Timeline you will know that this also includes some "requirements" for you entering it, one is to know that this new timeline is also called the Year 2020 timeline, and this is due to the right of that it is a true Future Time Line, if you go into this timeline, you are in a timeline that will give you multiple opportunities to move on in your life, even now, even if it is already mentioned, a 2020 timeline , there are also restrictions, not because of these characteristics at all, but because not just anyone, can access this New Timeline. All old 3d matrix games are banned, why? . . . yes, easy to explain, all these old "games" that seal in all the different timelines in 3d matrix are within the limits of the negative ego, and have nothing to do with an Open Heart, First Class, Open Mind, Formula One, Heroes, Dragon Origin, First Class Mind Set, Empire of Angels, to do, these are some of the characteristics of this new timeline:

- No fake 5d matrix behaviors work, no one can come in who doesn't see the clarity now. And some of the things you need clarity in are these:

-  1 / You will be a part of Mother Earth as long as you are here, does not matter if you believe you have achieved a crystalline body, cannot be triggered or do not experience any reactions or experiences at all in relation to your past life, you are and remain a being of flesh, blood and skin, ok, yes, you are a soul that has your own physical body and everything is energies, but this is so old information, it's about getting back into your physical body and knowing all this new and embody this in the Now Moment and totaly present in the now. In this now, this means RESPONSIBILITY! This responsibility is first and foremost about UNDERSTANDING what Mother Earth and the Animals really mean to All Life and that most old matrix eg. 3d, people have a completely wrong idea of the Earth and the Animals, to have and have a CLARITY in this!

- 2/ First and foremost, you need to know and have Clarity that the Earth is a vibrating being, a consciousness, in the universe, and that this also applies to all animals, you need to be clear that most old matrix eg. 3d, people have not achieved even half of the ability they have and are created with, and have latent within them, this you must have clarity in, and that the Earth and the Animals have more grounded and present consciousness than most people today, and so this also applies to all those who have begun their ascension process and believe they are enlightened just because, they are still part of different groups, which have just as many restrictions, and unspoken rules as those that 3d matrix had/has, it is no big difference at all, they can call themselves what they want, but as long as they are Depending on group formations, social media that are abusing the most divinly truthful and so on, these are no longer coming than others in the 3D matrix. And this is a super important clarity because this is a very dangerous phenomenon, that so many people pretend to be enlightened and people listen to them just because they have "the old precedents", that people are used to BELIEVING in: - status - celebrities - "group mentalities and group pressure formations" - "they have many friends" - "they have many followers" (social media!) - "they have many this and that ..." - they own land and houses - they are in power to destroy the lives of others - they have become socially recognized because they have certain privileges and more! So in reality, there are so many people who live in so much fear of not fitting into any context, group or social group, who still claim to be in the ascension process, and they can be dangerous because they cannot feel the difference in truth and the lie, those who think they are at the beginning of ascension and think they are enlightened, those who are out on social media and put in everyone else's comments or posts but cannot even answer for themselves, people often have not understood all this and its significance, this is an absolute must for you to have the CLARITY in this if you are going into this New Timeline now!

- 3/  It will not be explained all this here in this now, as to why it is so, however, I will tell you a few features that can make the most doubtful to be convinced. Look at Earth, nature, look at everything that lives and grow, look at this and say this is not a conscious life and keep taking your forest walks, go on vacation and swim in the ocean and go out with your dog, but understand in that case you live on autopilot and do not even have contact with yourself and everything that you are created for. I'm not angry here, but on the other hand it is very important to be so brave that I dare say these things right out now, because I do not want to let this go unsaid that you can find a fair amount of people playing games in all "areas", people who want it to look like they're doing things they aren't doing in reality and do not want to take the responsibility, this would mean IF they would take the step fully ... and be in an open heart and an open mind, and truly accept what`s comingn their way of what is done in love and peace,.

   We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and and the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural.

- 4/ Are you one of those who throw garbage, cans, cigarette filters, plastics, chemical compounds that nature cannot break down, etc. you throw this away when you think no one sees you? Ok, I know what I'm talking about, I travel around the world and my work is far, far deeper than what any of you can even imagine. I have seen everywhere how in the most beautiful places where there are people and they throw garbage that nature cannot break down, side by side, into bushes, down a slope, somewhere behind a big rock, etc. and there it lies then and can't be broken down, I get guided to see all this, it "pains me" and yes, I cry when I understand how unconscious manympeople are, so yes it do "pains me" a lot, and I clean and pick up, but this is just one example, this is an example of what you have to have CLARITY in.

- 5/ Another is that all animals are super sensitive, they are totally present in the now moment, all the time, and if you look carefully at what yoga and mediation, or this some call mindfullness, what this is all about, then this is easy to answer, because it's about being present in the now, this is what all animals are experts on, and then people think they are "better" than the animals, yes, people say "-No, I don`t!" but then again in reality they show they think so, they think they are better, higher and more intelligent etc. than the other, yes, The Other Animals, and this phenomenon, this I want to illustrate this way:

- 6/ all parents make mistakes they do not like to know, perhaps the most common mistake parents make is to tell their children how to be, what to do, how to behave, and so on, also in reality, that is, how these parents themselves are, what they do, how they behave, and so on, yes, and often the parents say this to their children in a voice that is unpleasant, annoyed and careless, which does not even give respect, or love to the children, there is no matching! This is a great betrayal to the children and this is also a great betrayal to themselves, and this creates great confusion, you can see it everywhere not only between parents and children, this occurs everywhere in communities all over the earth, in 3 matrix, and I do point it out here and now because if you claime, you are in higher dimensions, and still do this things in your life, you should look at yourself and understand you have inner work to do, NOW! This is in the purpuse of Clarity I point this out here now. And since this is a basic thing, the whole "house of cards" collapses as there is no solid foundation to build anything on at all. You who want to become and be a conscious, and become more conscious being, must have Clarity in this. This is also called "To Walk Your Talk".

- 7/ Then people think dogs should be trained, people train themselves, sometimes people think they are free because they can take their car and travel to a new city and talk the same shit they talked before, and they don't look at themselves and their own life. Many call themselves to be healers or doctors etc. and then they do not look at how they live themselves, this is NOT to be in sovereignty, to operate on Autopilot. Whatever the deals are, this is not in CLARITY. You are perfect! Shine your Light!

   We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and and the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural.

   So I've heard enough from so-called light workers or ascension guides who say they have no feelings anymore, or don't know any feelings anymore etc, and all other possible claims about their feelings, and I say now, in Divine Truth, this is dangerous, If you are going to the New Timeline in Divine Truth and Power, then it is important that you have understood that emotions are basic`s and they are absolutely necessary, and instead of believing you will be emotionless in higher dimensions, you should know that you are becoming more sensitive instead, and it is super important to have clarity in that:

- it is about how you use your emotions, what you consciously can see and do, so many healers and practitioners who work to help others cannot even channel their own feelings, but think they can help others? This is not likely to be possible, there must be a clarity of what emotions are and it is about how you handle your own emotions, if you project out your pains, your problems to others, then you do not have to care about your own feelings you think, and this is not even responsable to act this way. And if you are a person that claim you are conscious, or work for a conscious society, and do not even dare to look at yourself and see how you behave, then you have far to go, because you have to stop, and take a good look at yourself, be honest and true to yoursef first, then to others, there is only one way, and that is to go through everything within yourself, and in your life, because this is life on Earth as a "humAn" beeing, a creature of flesh, blood and bone, even if you succeed in creating your crystalline body now. . .you are still here until you are not here. There's a life after that too, and so it will continue to be throughout your life on this planet, Earth, and you are one of the creatures of this planet. You must have a CLARITY in this! Emotions are Tools, they are Signposts, Emotions you have are your Friends, Emotions you have are indications of "other things you need to be aware of", Emotions are signposts, emotions show you how to navigate forward, not backward! If you think you are more enlightened, have a higher degree of ascension, etc. Those who think or say like: " . . .make sure you do not feel any feelings. . . ", yes, they are they are on a road that does not lead to enlightenment at all, because then you have distanced yourself from your origin, your true being, your physical body, be it crystalline or not, this physical body you have, it contains full of WISDOM. You can share this Wisdom, from your physical body only if you are in true divine contact withnyour own feelings, only by having contact with your own feelings, in the here and now! If you can stay with "yourself" and be with "yourself" in the now moment, this also meen that you can, as a next step, next conscious step, you can learn to manage your own feelings, your emotions, and you can also learn to not project your own feelings , on other people, other animals, other things or other life forms. This I say here now, is just very, very briefly, what this is about. If you cannot be 100% with your emotions, this also meens that you cannot manage your own emotions, that you often do project your own feelings on other people, animals or nature, other life, mostly completely unconscious, and yes, this is definitely happening to a lot of people also who would like to be conscious people, but who have not come so far yet that they have managed to release all old programming, this work is not something you do on a weekend course, through a web course, through a year's practice or so, this takes a long time. If you want to take the ascension train, well then you can hop on, but just because you have jumped on does not mean that you will develop as a car ride on a freeway at all, it is interesting how many people thought that only they behave outwards on social media etc. like they "are so enlightened" then they are, but it is not at all in reality. And since all social media is based on 3d society's standards, it is not those who have come the furthest in this process that people believe, as this work must be done in different stages, in different stages and there are many different Ascension GUIDES. Some use 3d matrix social media and still play with some there, to reach out, others have formed groups of people who "holding each other behind their backs" (just like the group mentality in 3d matrix, though they do not want to admit it. ) and what I'm talking about now is very important to have a clue about, as this will help you to get to Clarity, you need to have Clarity abot it. You are perfect! Shine your Light!

   We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and and the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural.

   Since all this knowledge, this wisdom, cannot be learned and plugged in as a counting table, as you learnd facts before a university exam, this is all about that you really need to go through everything, one little bit at a time. And so it goes, because when you start working on this, in this way, it will come up different old "parts" of your old life, it can be about how your "role" has been in one or more relationships with others people in your past life, it may be, let me call it "an extension" of your "closer relationships" that have shown up in your surroundings in the community you lived in, it could be eg. if you have been subjected to abuse by someone close to you, and what I mean by "an extension" of your "closer relationships" that has shown up in your surroundings of the community you have lived in, is that this abuse situation is making an impact in your life around you, like rings on the water, and that this is deep, this can sit very deep. And this is in your physical body, in a variety of ways, you can never get past this, you can`t by-pass this ever, it`s not possible to bypass this ever, you have to live through this, and here you just have too feel your feelings coming up and accept, and learn to let go, and then become aware of what has happened. you throughout your life, in reality, you have to make yourself aware of what really happened to you, in some way and then also how this has influenced you to in your life and your development, and at a later stage you need to look even more closely at how exactly this looks in every area of ​​your life, which areas are most influenced, and later how to get rid of these "patterns" or rather, programs, that you have incorporated into your brain, more unconsciously than consciously! When you remove these old programs, yes, then this must happen on a conscious level, this is clearly.

   And I have experienced everything I describe and write about through my own being, so I do not repeat something I have read or heard anyone else say, I can say that I know what I am talking about!

   Let me put it like this now: "Think Raw!" And with that said that everything you previously believed in, you can throw it in the trash. You have to start over, you have to rethink everything, every thought, every person, every thought you have about who you are, every idea you had about what is good or not good, every idea you have or had about what life should look like or even how you want your life to look, throw everything in the trash now! Then you can start to look at all the material belongings you have, and pick away one by one, you don't need much of everything you have collected, so grab all that you have collected and never use, or even if you used this past six months, or maybe even the last month, look carefully at this, yes this is important, and look really closely at this, what is it that you do not love or need in your life now. If you do things on "routine" take a good look at this now, because you need Clarity in this.

   Note, however, that when I talk about the presence of animals this is not a pattern, so don't confuse or be uncertain about these different things, a pattern is that various animals, for example, that some males in the animal world mark their breeding grounds to secure their home for their family, for the female to lay eggs or breeding their living cubs, for their survival, and the other behaviors that come with this, such as chasing away other animals that, for these males in this situation, may pose a threat to their task as protector of their family, and this behavior can be perceived as a little aggressive at times, and the important thing to point out here is that this is not something for humans to emulate at all, people have an ability to think, and this thinking frame means that people can think in a different way, because they are just people. So with this, having said that humans have another opportunity, to develop their behaviors, than animals do, but this should be used for a purpose, allow me to call this the "final stage of the humAn beeing, which is the ascension process". So my important distinction here is that the human being has to understand the difference between these two things, and partly to develop the human being in order from these, not to emulate them, really.

   This means that the human being needs:

- 1 / learning techniques that help the humAn beeing be more in the present and make the humAn beeing able to be more in the present, to be more present is one of the main things to learn for the the humAn beeing, because beeing in the present is not just "something that`s good for your healthiness, it`s because when you can master being fully in the present in a way that I am talking about now, you are in power to manifest your dreams, in your life, your humAn life on Earth, but you will not stop at this, you will continue to develop yourself, so that you become one of all who are in the ascension process and who work to bring all life on Earth to balance and thus enter into a Divine Order, which already exists in the Universe, this is about a Galactic Order, a Divine Galactic Order, of infinite Creative Power which here is the same as Unconditional Love, Peace, Freedom and Happiness.

   We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and and the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural.

  Though, I have to add this here, that these are now the humAn WORDS I have to use to make other humAn beeings understand me, but these words can be a little limiting quite often, language is often a limiting factor. The animals do not use words and a language as human beings do, the animals "think" in pictures, and so do I, one of my ways of thinking "is through pictures. I have created external images since I was a child, and still today when I talk to another human being, so if I'm going to describe something important, important to me, it's often that I "paint a picture" with my words, or rather try to paint a picture with my words, and I know exactly inside me, where in the story I am, and where I want to come, but most human beings do not understand my way of describing, painting a picture, "with my words, for the one I am talking to.

   And with this, and with this development, of ideas, about the language, of our/our, humAn beeings, and different ways of looking at what language is, and that there are many different "languages" and ways of expressing "oneself", for living life, for existence, I want emphasize here, and now, that it is not to be underestimated, how important this particular is to understand, and to have CLARITY within, since we are not alone on Earth, and human beings on Earth are not the highest standing, for the most part, now I speak from a Galactic perspective that has higher dimensions than 5d +. And to reconnect now, so to speak about this that is called "Happiness", which I recently did, this is a word that the human beings use, and then it is very important to remember that most, the most, when it comes to how the human beings interpret their language, so it is in relation to this so-called 3d matrix/old paradigm's way of looking at reality and how life is lived, and this is super important to remember! Why? Well, because I talked, to you about "Happiness" and you will associate this, and what you, exactly YOU, agree with, associate this with, or say well, of course, it depends on who you are, what you kind of experiences you have had, what you have for thoughts, what life you have, what references you have, what you come from and where you come from, which " program your brain is programmed by", what emotions you are capable of "processing", what boundaries you have, and so on! And when it comes to living in reality in higher dimensions than 3d, then all the old concepts will have new meaning, when we see, and think a little more about this, or a lot, then you will realize that it must, simply must be this way, this is logical, in the sense this is consequently true.

   It is wonderful that so many are interested in going into the ascension process, I have said this before, and I say this again, some are already in the ascension process without really being fully aware of this, while there are some who believe they are in the ascension process but who have barely started yet. There are those who want to give the impression that everyone will go through the ascension process, only they write lots of repetitions about thinking positively, on social media, haha, let them be held, everyone has to go through certain stages, to get started with ascension process, everyone has to go through certain stages once they have started to progress in the ascension process, everyone needs to make some conscious choices in their lives for this to work and work in their lives. There are those who would like to claim that only when you have begun to enter the ascension process you cannot stop this process, and this may be true, but with some modifications then. You can go into any process, and say that once you're in the process you don't have to worry about slipping back. . .

Two things here:

- 1 / all learning means taking both step forward and step back, temporarily. In short, you get "grounded" and you "test", and get "tested".

- 2 / If you stop and do absolutely nothing that in any way causes you to develop forward, in a positive sense, you stand still, and if you are in a process and then stop, yes, it is easy, you stand still . Your process also stands still, consecutively. Sure, you can say that you do not go back then, but at the same time you will not go forward in this process. Note that, sometimes, this can be good, sometimes you may need many years, when you are not at all engaged in deeper issues or working with conscious techniques, and this can sometimes mean that you are actually integrating your past experiences, and this can take time, sometimes a long time, and sometimes you think it takes a very long time. I want to say here also that there are a lot of people swinging around with new and/or old, expressions referring to the ascension process, but they do not know what they are talking about, because they have not gone through this they are talking about themselves, just a point here, and this steps in your development can be very necessary for you to balance and integrate your new development steps, for it can be initiated by your higher consciousness that you need a long time to integrate, and you can be guided by your intuition and you can be guided by your own feelings in this. Do you know, or do you feel, that you are in such a stage, then it is cool, because then you can more easily relax and allow everything, but for someone who does not feel aware of this, the condition can be "like disconnecting from everything they have learned ". In a sense, everyone will go into the ascension process one day or night, or whenever that happens, but these are all questions about what is called time, which is a concept that the human being has come up with, there are other ways to see, for example, to see what loving steps are really taken, when the collective consciousness is raised, when a human being has worked its way inward and attained a higher level of consciousness, yes, all these examples are ways of looking at existence, and maybe not use the word time. All dimensions exist simultaneously, and if we talk about time, then all time also exists simultaneously, in a quantum perspective. So, last but not least, this possible step into this New Timeline now is about this being meant to be an opportunity to enter this open field where there is free space to go up so many of the higher dimesions, above 5d, up to 11th, 12th etc. dimension, which means an independence that requires a great deal of clarity in these things I have pointed out and more, and to learn how to let go of the past, in a fruitful way, so this serves a good and fruitful development, not just for a single individual, but for all, all of humanity, all animals, all of Earth, and all life on earth, and then to become in line with the laws of the universe and the galactic order.

   We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and and the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural.
   This is something that humans can look at in the animals, as they are masters of being present:

- 1/ Then we come to "patterns" "patterns of life", "programs", and  animals also have it, but in this the humAn beeing has to look at himself/herself, alone and how he/she lives her/his own life, and with that said that, every person has a great importance for the whole, every person has their own responsibility to look at their own life and here is where the change must happen!

   It is one of all wonderful things with us human beings, that we probably have in common all, that we seek, or find, or both, things and experiences, that should give us some form of "satisfaction". So many people believe and maybe also find, satisfaction in having a partner they can have fun sex with, as a form of satisfaction, this whole sexual thing is everywhere, it really is basically about feeling drawn to someone in a way. And this power can also be the attractive force, the one that causes the human being to feel some excitement, because isn't that all it is about? Or to feel the tension and then the calm and the relaxation, after the tension? In my life it has mostly been about practicing various extreme sports, or at least what it would be called within the 3d matrix, they would call this something like "EXTREME SPORTS", what I work with, and exposing myself to experiences that are dangerous, but never harmful to myself or others or anything else, if you understand what I mean. As a mountain guide for example, I had a background which meant that I had been out on many dangerous tours in the mountains alone, and after becoming an authorized mountain guide it could sometimes happen that I made decisions that others thought or knew more correctly, was not what was recommended, because of the risks and dangers that existed, but and this is a huge but, they knew that, I knew, what I was doing and that I could take my own responsibility, and yes, they were right, I am still alive, being able to make my own decisions that others dare not make, this is significant to me and my life, and that I am a woman of the sex, has not stopped me, I have never seen myself as a single woman, how strange this can now sound, but it is for me that because the sex has determined a mass thing about me as a living being and so-called human being, I have not seen that this has been of any help to me in my life, not to me because I never been in the games and groups that have had the benefits of being women, I say now without further developing this because I think it is uninteresting, I do not live there and I do not want to live there in those patterns, I have never wanted to live there. So I have been an explorer, an explorer in all dimensions, a creature who loves to try new things and to expose myself to things that most people consider dangerous. But it is the beauty of wild nature, with the wild animals, the beauty of being one with the universe, the beauty of being myself with the the beings of the wild and the life that I am, which is the driving force behind inside of me I believe, and feeling the satisfaction that comes from taking me forward in all. as it means being one with nature and the universe, that is how I want to express it myself, and of course you need to be brave and independent to be able to do what I do and have done all my life, this is also a matter of being direct in CLARITY, and this is about the clarity of knowing WHO you are, and this does NOT mean to believe that you are a single-limited being and therefore have understood what these limitations are and thus know EVERYTHING, no, this means knowing and feeling this which is eg, this which is a soul, this which is a fire that burns within you, this which is to feel belonging with nature, the wild animals and with the universe, it is about knowing something which cannot be explained in word, something that has a voice but is not a voice, something that speaks but is not heard, with the human ear, something that gives way but cannot be pointed out, and this does not mean that there is no more to learn, it is the opposite, the more you learn, the more you will realize that you have to learn, and this is the whole point, to be able to have that clarity, to process, sort and apply new knowledge and to become better at it and be able to emotionally handle oneself better and then be even more sensitive and knowledgeable in how important the emotions are as a guide in human life.

   I am a professional psychic and tarotologist since 1994, my own experiences during my life, have given me opportunities, and since then it has been up to me to take advantage of these opportunities. It is interesting that I have chosen the 5D, the 5th dimension and higher dimensions, usually much higher dimensions such as the 11th dimension and the 13th Dimension for example, these options I have mostly chosen, thought I did not have that kind of definition on these choices, many times, in fact, it is only in recent years, two years, that I have begun to define the dimensions I used to live in and live in now, as I was guided by being an ascension guide and also having a facebook group to guide and help others go through ascension. It was with this work that I began to search for words and definitions to be able to use to describe my experiences. In the beginning I got to read what many others written about ascension, to try to understand a little how people want you to write, what words etc., for them to understand, but I can never take it all in, I have to let my genuine style and my own ideas, my own guides and higher selves, etc., come through, so, one by one, things come out through my own guides that no one else writes about, just like this that I was guided to be the one to embody the New Earth archetype of Sham-ma-ma, and go through everything that this transformation implies.

   At the beginning of my life, and later, that's why others could never help me, because I was always in a dimension so much higher than they were. To understand right here what I'm talking about, it's a good idea to look at my "Spiral Theory", which is something I've worked out that comes from the 11th dimension, and that means you can be very developed in some areas in your life and less developed in other areas, this applies to just about ALL of us, when I give a Healing I create, among other things, a "Spiral Theory Map" for the person I read and give guiding. This is a great way to then see where the focus of the present needs to be put! There are so many "misconceptions" in all the "New Age," Ascension Circuits "," Golden Age "," Healing Models ", all of which are similar to what is being developed, but many talk too much to show their surroundings in different ways that they are so developed themselves, to me it is quite obvious, I have always been able to see through this, but I usually have not put any effort into trying to fit into a 3D society's modelers, which I have known and seen not is the Divine Truth at all, then you have to work partially "outside" that society, but that does NOT mean that you do not see what is going on in that society, on the contrary in my case, I chose everything myself. You cannot count on retaining your friends, your relatives, your workmates, your old job, your home, stay where you live, own what you own, be understood, and more, you can't expect anything, not when you seriously step out of 3D Matrix and into higher dimensions! And if you want to be True FREE, have real Sovereignty, you have to learn what a Divine Bravery means! The more you release all different "models" within the 3D matrix, the more Free you will become, but this Freedom will meen for you that you have to take a much greater responsibility! This responsibility is all about a lot of basic knowledge, but most of all consciously work on scaling away layers of old programs, this must take time, as many believe only because they have contact with enlightened leaders or well-known predecessors who appear in social media, so they believe, that they themselves, are far advanced, in their knowledge of themselves, and only that they consider themselves loving, when they cannot even see love when it is in front of them, but they just want to "be seen with those who shine most in the media" yes, then it is only up to them themselves where they want to come, because then they stand still, and this I say because it is 100% true that nothing is what it seems to be! There are so many artists on Earth who live mostly in higher dimensions, and they do not talk about this, I have several different tasks, and one of them is to be "the truth-teller", you ask if it is easy? No, this task is not easy at all, because you don`t get popular by saying the truth, not even in the so called New Age, New Earth etc. but I firmly believe that this is what it should give, even if I don`t believe in followers, to say the truth should be the highest, because this to say divine truth is eternal, an eternal truth, eternal universal law, as I have seen, people who are "followers" are very rarely self-employed, that's why I have few because I give information that helps people free themselves from group mentalities and help them be in their independence, and obviously this is not what the 3d business plans say you should do haha! But as I said, I am not working in 3d either, but have always worked in higher dimensions. I meet people daily who show me gratitude, in India, In U.S.A. in Australia and more, because I'm direct and help people without asking them to pay me, only they sit down and talk to me, and I tell the truth to them, I give them light codes without having to tell them, also. What does all this have to do with this Huge Timeline Shift in the end of September 2019, Extreme & Divine, TRUTH and POWER? Of course, this has everything to do with CLARITY. These things I am talking about are important things, you may be one of those who have never realized these truths and then, let me give you a metaphor, let's say you come to a place for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by a lot of things, if you stop there, and come back again and again to this place, so every time you come there again, you will find that things feel more close to you, you will see new things, you will think new thoughts about things and things in the place and so on and this will continue if you are open and take in the new impressions with an open mind and an open heart. The same is true when you hear about something, learn something new, this happens in levels, so if this is the first time you hear about what I have been talking about now, it is necessary that you read this over and over with some time in between, for you to have had life experiences in between that add new information, that gives you a different understanding, for this I told you the next time you read this, or hear me say this if you hear me one of my very informative YouTube videos`s, it is good to know, you should listen more than one time, to get out the most of what I say, thank you and blessings, beloved.

   We are sailing into Paradise Heaven altogether now, totally and across all banks of New Earth with Lemuria Rising and even Atlantis Rising. This is Love Revolution, this is the silent revolution from the Heart, this is the Rainbow tunnel of Joy and and the Golden bridge to open true consciousness land, this is Joy, this is Happiness, this is Divine Truth and this is Peace, and this is Natural.

   I have pointed out in several YouTube videos now, partly before September 2019 and earlier also in September, that this New Timeline now in September 2019 is a crucial timeline, for those who want to take the step into what is to come in 2020, and the Stargates that are available now and then in 2020, it is crucial how much Clarity you have in some different areas of your life and how much you have worked within yourself and this cannot be stressed or accelerated, this must happen in a calm and methodical way, with your feelings as guides, with your intuition, in contact with your higher self, with your inner peace, with an eye that can look at yourself from above, with a great measure of interest and openness to what human beings call " the unknown ", and then from a far wider perspective than what 3d matrix social media and news sees as "the unknown" and what that "square" contains, haha. This "form" of Clarity, is necessary, and it is a lot of old "words" and "concepts" that do not benefit much anymore when we get into this timeline as well, so this is a big change and this entails and requires that you are ready to throw away much of what you have thought of with so-called higher realities to do as well, and just be in the present and accept that you are in an infinite area where you are only a small part as much as you are crucial importance to what you will create for yourself in this endless space, you are a creator of your life but you are also a co-creator of the whole and all this means a great deal of responsibility for you, and this is a basic condition, which you must have great Clarity in and which you then create your so-called: Enjoyment, your Happiness, your Beauty, your Joy, within, all in a Light and an Unconditional Divine Love.

Blessings and Much Love,
Freja Enjoy/WolfEye Dances with Dolphins,
together with the Lemurian Dolphin Collective.
2019-09-28 Gold Coast in Aussie.

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Some important selected words:
from the Divine Rebel Heart of Freja Enjoy, a Galactic Star Being who love and feel Divnine Compassion for all life on this beautiful planet Earth:  
I am a academic, but I have deliberately chosen not to go into my language with the goal of writing perfect spelling etc. because if / when I do, my genius is lost to some extent, because of this language restrict me and I only use it as an "emergency solution" to reach people, I know deeper parts of these human most popular languages, which have to do with their inherent impact on those who use it, there are studies done, 3d matrix neg power structures are built into the most popular language on earth today, like english, etc. so i have a very strong instinct that has talked about this to me all my life. If you can not take that there are small "errors" in my text, maybe, use your imagination, it is simple and useful and in my text not at all difficult!

Thanks and have a nice day!
Freja Enjoy 


Happy People!
Happy People!


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