The Wolf Full Moon 10-12 January 2020 - The Rainbow Tunnel Eclipse 11th Jabuary 2020

by Freja Enjoy


The FREEDOM Program. Now we have The Codes of UPRISING coming in now.

This is the Strong Energies of Influences we have now and they are from the Galactic, Celestial, Astrological Transits and Movements of Matrix Energy and Grid Codes. Creating Rainbow Bands of Codes that Starseeds Of Humanity, Are Receptive Of Taking In and It Creates A Powerful Creation Of Freedom And Truth, this is The Codes of Love Revolution and Uprising, Seeds of New Beginnings and Seeds of Freedom Power. This is The Codes Of The Blue Wolf Eclipse Full Monn Starting Now, The 11th Of January 2020 (also called The Indigo Code). 

This is The Code Of True Power and The Reclaming Of True Power. 

The Liberty Codes that are coming up from the darkness and taken into The Light, and this The Codes that are Transforming and Shifting All The Lost Power from below Uprising now Into The Light. 

In 2012, programs were started to keep humanity from seeing the truth of being held as slaves.

The same year, The Ascension Program was launched, which holds all Diamond Light Codes and Rainbow Light Codes with all Heavenly and Divine Codes that have been so Strong Timelines that they have Never Fallen Back Into The so-called Armageddon timeline, ever since. These, The Ascension Program`s, are timelines that are now being released further on a much deeper level.

This Liberty Codes of Diamond Light Codes and Rainbow Light Codes are so far from self-creating negative polarized agenda that The Armageddon program could never reach for this program, or implement it, which led to them The Armageddon program trying to create chaos amongst the Ascension program, this was the reason they performed the hijacking, and tried to get the Ascension timeline to go to their World War III timeline, to get everything back to a singularity world, that with one, and only one, government. 

And this step needed to be completed the year of the new start, which is this newly started year 2020, which has just started in January 2020. This is the start of a New Decade, we started now, this is the time when The Fenix Rises from The Ashes and Flies, this is the time you have been waiting for. It, The Armageddon program, was tried to distract, and deceive, those who were on The Ascension Timeline, but not so much that they on The Acension Timeline would suspect this, this was a great danger, but many of those on The Ascension Timeline saw this, and could avoid falling into the trap, and they were aware of this, and could send out The Message to the others so that the "Critical Mass" could be reached and act, as an antidote and counteraction to the hijacking. This is what happened in the year 2019. Here they, The Armageddon program, tried to mislead many of those who believed in The Codes Of Light, so that they would stop believing that this was the truth, and go back into the timelines, of World War III, and Armageddon. Yet you Starseeds Of Light Stood Strong and continued to work for The Divine Truth and understood that the linear timeline of Armageddon, did not have a chance to involve, with The Spiral Timelines of The Diamond Light and The Rainbow Light Codes, as those timelines are impossible to destroy, since their strength is, that they consist of Universal and Galactic Divine Truth, which cannot be destroyed.

Thanks to you all Starseeds, Light Codes continued to be sent, to all who were unsure, and this resulted in, and enabled, The Freedom Templates, to be Activated. And right now at the Eclipse point of January 11, 2020, The Blue Wolf Full Moon, it is the time, and when The Changes and Abundance, is planted on January 13, and The Program that The Armageddon planted to sabotage, can no longer reach at all, The Angelic and Divine Timeline Is Intact. 

You can not be lied to or mislead, falsified or cheat at. There was no 2012 hoax, and now when you look back at it, you can see where The Light Codes are, and that The Core of this is holding it alltogether, at The Center Of The Zero Point, because this is a Spiral Timeline, (see the: "The Spiral Theory" on this link: http://www.frejaenjoy.com/coaching/medical-anthropologist-freja-enjoy-hjälmbåge/freja-enjoy-spiral-theory-43505677) and this relies on not some human hoaxes, but The True Evolution in the Universe, and with that, it's The End of the Armageddon, and the end of the worldwar timeline. 

The codex for this is that "The Red Spider Is No More!", and this, it have been talked about before. 

Only a few, those in the fift strand multidimentional timeline now, will understand what this Eclipse means, and what this Zero point is, and that it is now you go into the most Sacred Interstellar Constellation Ever.

And the continuation will turn out, "Life shows", because We Live In The Present and and can not know how it develops, more than the certainty, that The Armageddon timeline is no more, and that The Truth Is that The Freedom Timeline, in the Diamond Light Code and The Rainbow Light Tunnel, is at The Core and Will Remain Intact as The Spiral Timeline, continues to Evolve In The Evolution. 

Freja Enjoy
New Zealand 

Copyrights FrejaEnjoy©2020 

Living With Ascension Energy: Accepting Divine Mastery .
Living With Ascension Energy: Accepting Divine Mastery .
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