by Freja Enjoy

Day two of the Emerald gateway is here.

by Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge


   Day two of the Emerald gateway is here and You are the Love Light in the Void now ! You know you have gifts of real treasure chests filled there in you and you can get there to them now – you have access to this now more that usually!

   Feel - We're in the Emerald Gateway now !!! Allow yourself to dive deep into yourself - take your time !!! Feel how your DNA has changed and keep changing now !!! Allow Being Together A Lot Now With Just Yourself And Take Care Of Everything You Are Now !!! We're in Emerald Gateway now, 23-27 / 8. This is the divine femimine's energy we are in now. This means we go even deeper into ourselves. There inside and now we have both the divine feminine and the divine masculine and they can now Shine their lights together into One, within us. Here, deep inside us, these two energies now create a new energy, a truly peaceful, powerful and new DNA-based energy in our body. We become more one with our crystalline conscious body now. Take the time to be with yourself as much as you can these days, these are important days.

  Fire that does not consume itself. It's an angel. Angels are a collective, not single, so it's a collective voice not one, you say archangel, this is also a collective of angels. Not an angel. It's 3d that has created pictures of clad creatures with wings and halo, it's people who created hierarchies of angels, this does not exist because the angels are working in a collective. The angel is so bright light so strong fire that most people can not look at this.
  God is not a person, yet people continue to talk about God as a person. Security. Security in words. God is not one he or she, but is associated with a man in 3d. I want to say that Goddess is neither a person nor a female. I'm not a person, and you know, you know me before this life, I chose this life for this life, but through this show I can show a lot that many people are blind to, a process of self-sacrificing actions, to show me so.
  For it is not interesting how many of you talk about Jesus, and that when he showed himself to people, they did not understand where he was, so they neither listened to him nor cared. Only in the scriptures Jesus became so great and wise, more because someone had a message than telling about the life Jesus lived. Or look at Maria, choose who of Maria`s you look at, and you have always seen Maria as a mother or a prostitute, yes, you say she was holy but she diden`t get or do get credit for her life, of these who talk about religion, because religion is just another system of human`s ideas not the truth. And yes, because there were also several of Maria`s, but only one Jesus, so that doesen`t help anyone to understand anything. This is all myths.  
   My name is FREJA and I Am the Nordic Goddess of Love, Fertility and I Am also a warrior Goddess because I Am a warrior for Peace, I do no harm and what I do is good and for the good of All. I Am Fighting a mental battle that is not really a struggle, because this is the good and natural energy flow I work in, this is the divine love energy flow. This is called a battle because this is a light work, a true work to enlighten - to light up - that is hidden in darkness! And I tell you now that none of you have a clue as to what initiations I've had behind me to go through to stand here today and pronounce these words now! The greatest love is to not give back with the same wickedness and harm as the evil as all those wandering in The ignorant darkness they choose to stay in because of their sluggishness and their ignorance of themselves and what they are able to live, if they only had the courage!

   So those in the darkness they can`t face a light so strong that they can not cope with or face it with open eyes and an open heart ! These ones Choose to shut up and pretend that they have control over what is impossible to control!
   So my name is FREJA and yes I do have more names, My name is also Sunni, because I Am said to be like the SUN, I was given this name by an Indian chief who came to Sweden as a refugee from Peru, saying I was like the Sun, so I was called Sunni, he did call me Sunni. And I feel here in Sweden,  people have been afraid of me and my energy all my life because people in 3d they have definite views on how to look at things and how to look at things to fit in their world, it is a a hoax! But I'm not a creature from their world their belief system in 3d. So how could I fit in there, it never worked of course, haha !!!
   God/Goddess and now if you allow me i want to call this god for something else love love LOVE, I just say that love because Goddess/God is all the energy of love, Goddess/God is all matter, it's not one piece, and when it's an angelic creature it have and must become a Single creature, to come to come to terms and to convey its message, both you and I are beings of this love, your core soul energy is of love, so you are in many places at the same time if you can mabe understand. This is awareness in many dimensions.
  The energy you create now, quantum energy, means that anyone who listens now, you're quantum energy, you can feel the energy of everyone in one place, you're ready, even if you do not know why, but we're all family. This year is the momentum of illuminance of ascension, an alinement, this is an astronomical fact. Even the original knew this. The elderly knew and know this. Even the previously high-ranking civilizations knew this. Even the native people with the natural knowledge did know.
  The center of the galaxy, sunshine then we celebrate, it has now been 36 years, and everything was said in the Mayan calendar we see now this time is here, this is the time of the times of time, this can`t be expressed, but it only looks like 3d, 2017 from 3d and it is not what it looks like at all , But this is in truth the beginning of time.

   It's time to say goodbye. Why do lovers say goodbye? Not to each other but to not be alone, we are not alone anymore! It's a new era of unification, this does not mean the bad things that they think in 3d, but this a new wonderful time, that is what it means. How does this feel?
Is it natural to experience emptiness then, When you leave something so big behind you? Yes, it may seem like a little while, because it's both time to say goodbye and to leave. It is then natural that it may arise and there is a period, a condition in which it means emptiness. What is emptiness? This is a positive emptiness,This is the Void and some of you know this word from Indian cosmology, native american cosmology because this is some of the natural cycles. This kind of Emptyness is included in all spiritual traditions, even if it is not expressed just so. But it's important to stay there and experience this, because this emptiness is now here to make place for the new to come in as One. If you feel miss something, so yes, it is so but only missing from the old you leave now, and because everything is love in this step, it is an overflow of awareness of how much love has increased, as ONE. I can talk about emptiness and develop this, but now I stay with this.

   Emptyness is really the basis for everything. Why do I say that? Because without "emptiness" there is no room for anything. If you do not have an empty bowl, you can not fill it with fruit. So when I say so it becomes apparent. Therefore, I now say that this is important. It is important to honor and celebrate what has been, because it has taught everyone what it is to be separated, to live without real contact with universal love. So what we need is to give ourselves the space to reflect, because everything does not happen on a day here. You're only at the beginning now. We are only at the beginning of this new now. You can be calm now because we are in a great time now!

   We have not seen anything yet !!! You have not seen anything yet !!! Prepare for miracles, a new big family, a true family without a claim to you or your life, a family that really cares and only you know in your heart and your self, because we have telepathic communication !!! You have the help of the synchronism in your everyday life, because there are no weekdays more, now is the life we ​​live in the moment where everything converges into one now - what was before weekdays, is now one : -past-now-future, this is NOW !!! We are now the Masters or champion if you like, of our lives and we are true transformers - angel energy is what this is - in human ways .... Keep on being awesome - AWESOME - because that's what you are !!!

Blessings from Freja Enjoy Hjälmbåge,
The Nordic Goddess of Love, Fertility and Warrior for Peace, Sweden 2017-08-24

© frejaenjoy2017

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