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In Divine Service

and this is how Divine Success was Born

by Freja Enjoy


"I am constantly undergoing transformation and at the same time me and my work grow like an oak, slowly, and thus I also want to have said, in an organic way!"

- Freja Enjoy / WolfEye Dances with Dolphins / Diamond Light Ray


"It was a very long process before the name Divine Success came into my mind! A long process and a lot of work is behind, like everything else in my Life."


by Freja Enjoy


It was a very long process before the name Divine Success came into my mind and I did feel I will take in as my sign in my work from now on, and this was just some month ago July 2017. A long process and a lot of work lies behind. My choice to use the combination of the two words Divine and Success has a very deep root and is very well-developed, researched and reviewed by my own experiences. It is not an “advertising Jippo” or “sales pitch”. My work, is My Life Work, not any goods or services I have created so they would give me money, but I know what I'm talking about from my own experience and am convinced that as this I give you, this proved to help me in my life, and all humans by the way, will also help you, and many other people. In the following text, I will briefly explain some of the background of exactly this two words, Divine and Success and how they developed in my Life, because this is Momentum Important for me and so for you, as this shows how I research, how Serious I am and how I work in Everything I do.


The fact that I have undergone university graduate education is not the reason why I always research the fundamentals of all the work I do - my research work already started when I was a child, really, and in addition, I definitely consider it in a more profound way to research than what is taught at the university. I'm born with a very big appetite to learning things and my driving force is my outrageous curiosity. I read a lot of books as a child. Certainly, I had a best friend who was a boy where I grew up in Tibro in Västergötland, Sweden and he was a good playmate because he had the same imagination and humor as I have. But my best friend was God, she/he, I spoke to daily and every night before I was going to sleep, I performed a prayer ceremony of at least an hour, 60 minutes, where I read the name of everyone I knew, and in my prayers I prayed for them, that everything would be good for them, I sang hymns and talked about animals and nature with God.


Like everything else in my life. I searched and looked for answers everywhere on all my questions, and I created stories, fairy tales, series of humor, painted portraits, painted framed paintings, created clothing designs that I then cut into fabric and sewed up, I created color prints on fabrics and then I sewed up my clothes, I learned to play music on my pedal organ on the hook and then play from notes on the piano. I sang for my family and in two church choir, I also wrote own music, I loved to bake bread and cook, and used to surprise my mother with wonderful breakfast on Sunday mornings. I danced classic ballet. I loved being in the deepest forest with my grandmother, she picked different berries and I spoke to nature, I created faces of big beautiful stones, with flowers, mosses and leaves, I listened to the creek, especially a brook named Stenbäcken, a incredibly beautiful stream with small waterfalls, I loved being in the deep forest and had my own experiences there while grandmother had her own experiences. I loved talking to nature, and all the "little people" who live there, when I was a little child and with all the animals, the trees, the wind, the sun, the stars, the water and the moon.


For me, God and the angels were my best friends, not anyone I studied through the Bible or the church Sunday School, even though I was in Sunday school ... the only thing I remember from Sunday school and the church are the hymns and the beautiful music that I loved. And this ability to learn new things and gain more knowledge has always been a big part of who I am. I have never called myself a "searcher", I've been a "finder" - and most an "inventor", that's exactly what I am and always has been. What most people call psychology is to me superficial knowledge, I have found in everything I read, except C. G. Jung, and his psychology, a hugely wide psychology that includes the unconscious and symbolic psychology eg, this psychology C.G. Jung works with is anything but superficial, it is universal, well developed, deep and multi-dimensional.


I had 7 years of college and university studies behind me when I began studying cultural anthropology. I wanted to study the anthropology of pure curiosity. It was stated in the education's description that one did study the populations of origins across the globe in this education, and read about all the different levels of these societies, as westerners classify in politics; religion; city ​​knowledge; economy; medicine, psychology; agriculture; trade; cosmology; mythology; magic and so on. I did not attach much importance to the western way of filtering, although I could not say that to the professor at the anthropological institution at the university.


The literature we studied at the cultural anthropological institution, like all other institutions at the university, was angled, from a male perspective, or from the perspective of a 3d matrix, which was a great challenge to interact with. After studying culture anthropology for 1.5 years, our institution had a visit by a South African scientist. He was educated to priest and then continued to study Musicology, which had brought him to Ngomas, which plays different instruments that elicit "over tones" and "a hexagonal scale", with which they were put in trans and communicated with the spirit world. Ngomas are women only and their initiation is an extensive process, you will not become a Ngoma unless you are called by "the spirit world". Ngoma's duties are all from helping individual members of the community to help the whole community to solve problems, ALL levels and all members. Ngomas is a "secret" sisterhood, which no one can learn by studying. Ngoma's work covers all levels and dimensions. I listened to their music and I fell in Trans who was my first character and then I began the long initiation time. After this experience, I was crystal clear of the subject of my degree project. Ngomas have the English translation Diviners.


Here I am changing the subject and switching to this concept of success, this expression that I had not been interested in throughout my life. My focus was on the inner qualities and for me / is this much, much deeper than "psychology". I had grown up in an entrepreneur and inventor home, and during my growing up I survived the abuses that existed there with the help of my imagination and my humor. God was my best friend and for me there was no one who was a superpower, or someone who could impress me. Nature, animals and life itself are what can impress me, the love power of the Universe impresses me. My own attitude was founded when I was forced to move with my biological mother to a city in Sweden, I did not want to move, I wanted to stay with my grandmother, our forest walks and the house and my friends. I was 13 years old and a very mature 13 year old, but we moved into a 7 floors high house, and at the beginning of a long summer law, I did not know anyone, my mother worked and was gone all day long, and then she was busy with boyfriend not interested in me or how I experienced moving. I was indoors in the middle of the big city in an empty apartment and cried all that summer.


Later in the first year of the new settlement during a walk on one of the streets I heard "my inner voice" speak to me. I had never heard of this from anyone. But it was crystal clear that I heard a wonderful voice speak to me. It said "- You do not belong here!". This was said with an enormous warmth and love that I could feel in every cell of my body and all I was, and I felt 100% that this was true and in addition, this gave me faith in my future. I saw myself "myself" as my own "research object" and it started here. In my various roles, such as lecturer, workshop leader, teacher, leader, guide, healer, coach, inspirator, etc. there were many reasons to get acquainted with the word "success" and which you, as my readers, now understand, was this something I studied for many years, yes, since the 1970s, actually when I, I understand, made a success Sweden's Radio TV, but I was not satisfied myself by then. Then just like now, it's the inner path time, the very deep winding paths within, I walked and wander.


After a life where I passed through, even several deep traumas, and survived these, even though I was close several times I was physically dead, I have succeeded all of them myself. Not a simple matter. I sought help a number of times when I thought I did not see any way out, just too little experience that I looked through all the therapists, healers, doctors wherever I sought help, I knew their thoughts and their energy and they could not at all see me. But I needed to experience this time on foot, to be completely convinced that I was very unusual and unique more than most to dare to believe in this. I growed up in 3d family and 3d society, I could not believe "big" things about myself .... but I would think "big" things about all the authorizations, and this thinking, it belongs to the 3d matrix, I can`t figure out how many times I became convinced that these 3d "authorities" did not have qualifications at all, they pretended to listen but they had neither depth nor experience to be able to listen and help and see and understand. That's how I released all the old programs and could continue to develop Dolphin Yoga, Five Stars Program, First Class International Education HI, Hana 2000.


Now I switch to this success concept, and that I have thus questioned its general significance. I have felt within my mind that this general way of looking at success does not work for me in my life. Not a single person I've met has seen success as I do, and then this is the only possible way to look at a real success in my eyes, my way of evaluating what a real success is, is really unusual but most logical, and I do not work primarily with 3d logic but after quantum logic and the highest logic path, which is also the name of Dolphin Yoga, The Path of the Highest Logic. Hard to live among 3d matrix creatures who can`t absorb the higher logic, they choose the fear instead of love. So the general way of looking at success is nothing to me, as it seems, I'm a "nature child". After working as the Ascension Guide and Quantum Healer since 2014, after one of my Mother Earth Ceremonies, it came to me that there is only one kind of success, for me, and that's Divine Success. | This is a very shortened story of the background that this term is the introduction to my website www.frejaenjoy.com | Everything in my life is "painful" and enjoyable, both - Everything in my life takes a long time, and requires a lot of stamina, not 2-5 years, but it's about longer periods of time. I grow organic. Look at how a tree grows, so you have a clue. I do not find slogans or advertising jippon - I'm deeply serious - serious in everything I do - even my laugh, my humor and all the joy, the pleasure and the love of my life!


With respect, consideration, compassion and divine love from me
Freja Enjoy, Pleiadian Mother Ship.  
SUNday the 22 of October 2017 Sweden.
NOTE! With the possibility that both spelling, grammar and that reversed letters may occurand and other things may occur in an anusual way. I ask the reader to have imagination and love, I am just a visual artist, and my focus is to paint a picture, even if I use words!

© frejaenjoy2017


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