is often a life-changing experience that changes your way of looking at yourself and your own inner resources. You are a divine creature, with endless resources to create just everything you want to create in your life, and this creativity you already have, a Shaman Drum Journey brings you in touch with deep inner divine resources, found on other freeways than we in our "day-to-day- consciousness" has access to. When the shaman/shamama drums on her drum, she develops frequencies that positively affect the brain's rhythm, you get in touch, and totally relax, in your body and mind.. You will be guided on how the Drum Journey is going to happen, and you will have all, the information you need, to know before, this Journey. This Shaman Drum journey has been the "good trigger" of the fact that women (sometimes men do Drum journey`s too) have received information from their subconscious, during this Drum Journey, which they afterwards, along with Freja, have given guidance/advice on how to use them. One woman moved to her dream house, as a result of the information she received during/after the journey, another woman understood and saw that it was the time, for her, to leave her husband, and she was already after the drum journey, in a liberated state!


changes you and how you see your life, and is life-changing!


The Shaman Drum Journey with FREJA.
Shaman Drum Journey, Insight weekends give you an overall experience, by contacting your own inner, your own inner wisdom and/or other dimensions of yourself, if you so desire. These trips/insights can be life-changing. You will get a complete guide all the way, with information, guidance and follow-up, all participants in these groups receive personal/spiritual guidance and the opportunity to ask questions and get additional guidance after the Shaman Drum journey. Everything is absolutely safe, safe and confidential, and you choose what you want to talk about, and know more about.
Arrival Friday to Stenungsund: Presentation and information on Saturday's Shaman Drum Journey, Insight trip and weekend program, swimming in the ocean if you like, and an exclusive healthy vegan dinner, beautiful forest walking after dinner. Saturday: Shaman Drum Journey, Insight Journey + sharing of the experiences. Beautiful swimming in the ocean, and Wildlife Dinner Outdoors. Sunday: Update of Light Codes and Light Body. Presentation of upcoming Insight's trips abroad, and information about other weekend experiences. Swim in the ocean and Fraiche Summer Lunch. A Beautiful Closing Ceremony.  
We take Max participant 12, for the highest personal quality for the participants on our drum journey`s.
This is a great weekend!
Choose between these weekends, and make your decision now before the places are taken: 17-19 / 8; 24-26 / 8; 7-9 / 9 and 14-16 / 9.
Do you have questions write to: frejaenjoy@gmail.com, then you will receive an answer!
*/ with reservation for changes.