During a Drum Journey I am drumming about twenty minutes, which means that your body will be in a state that is called the *shamanic state of consciousness 

*"This research supports the theories that suggest that the use of the drum by indigenous cultures in ritual and ceremony has specific neurophysiological effects and the ability to elicit temporary changes in brain wave activity, and thereby facilitates imagery and possible entry into an ASC (altered state of consciousness), especially the SSC (shamanic state of consciousness)." By Melinda Maxfield, Ph.D.​​https://web.stanford.edu/group/brainwaves/2006/Maxfieldabstract.html​​​​​

and in this state you will be able to take in information from other dimentions that will help you, your soul, your body, your heart, your thoughts to vibrate at a higher level than you usually do.*
*Shamanic drumming or Rhythm healing relies on the natural law of resonance to restore the vibrational integrity of body, mind, and spirit. Sound waves have the ability to impart its energy to a substance such as wood, metal, or the human body, making it vibrate in sympathy.May 30, 2018."The Healing Powers Of Shamanic Drumming | 7th Sense Stories. https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/stories/the-healing-powers-of-shamanic-drumming/

This technology is completely harmless, instead it has a healing effect, at the same time as you completes this drum journey.*

*Vision, for example, is in one part of the brain, speech another, but drumming ... Rhythmic stimulation is a simple yet effective technique for affecting states of mind.The Therapeutic Effects of Drumming - Learn Religions
https://www.learnreligions.com › ... › New Age / Metaphysical › Holistic Healing.

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To do a Sh-ma-ma/Shaman 
Drum Journey with FREJA,

is often a life-changing experience that changes your way of looking at yourself and your own inner resources. You are a divine creature, with endless resources to create just everything you want to create in your life, and this creativity you already have, a Shaman Drum Journey brings you in touch with deep inner divine resources, found on other freeways than we in our "day-to-day- consciousness" has access to. When the shaman/shamama drums on her drum, she develops frequencies that positively affect the brain's rhythm, you get in touch, and totally relax, in your body and mind.. You will be guided on how the Drum Journey is going to happen, and you will have all, the information you need, to know before, this Journey. This Shaman Drum journey has been the "good trigger" of the fact that women (sometimes men do Drum journey`s too) have received information from their subconscious, during this Drum Journey, which they afterwards, along with Freja, have given guidance/advice on how to use them. One woman moved to her dream house, as a result of the information she received during/after the journey, another woman understood and saw that it was the time, for her, to leave her husband, and she was already after the drum journey, in a liberated state!


changes you and how you see your life, and is life-changing!



Powerful one hour experience,
in Gothenburg, July 2019.

Read more about it below!


The Drum Journey includes:

- Instructions before the journey, step by step, no prior knowledge required. ( about five minutes )
- The drum journey itself. ( about twenty minutes )
- Final silent meditation. ( about seven minutes )
- Review of the participants' experiences, and some advice individually and generally. ( about about twenty-two minutes )
- A brief instruction on how the participants can continue their inner development at home, after this drum journey has been experienced. ( about four minutes )


At the time of writing, local is not clear, but this drum journey will be in Gothenburg. We also have no clear exact date at the time of writing, we will keep it in July. We encourage you who feel compelled to go through this transformation now, to hear from you and tell us what you have for expectations. You are welcome to click on the button below, and write to us if you have questions, ideas or want to tell about your expectations, here you can also sign up. Do you already know that you will be able to participate, you can write it, and submit. We will have this drum journey sometime during July's first two weeks. 


As a participant in this drum journey you will get a brief introduction to what your power animals can help you with in your life, and tips on how to learn more on your own, after this drum journey. When you start working with your power animal/animals, you begin a new journey in your life, a journey about all the hidden and most fundamental of your true and divine being.

Put yourself on the list of attendees now, just click on the button, and get some extra time to get answers, if you have questions before this drum journey.

You are also welcome click on the button here at the right hand side, and write to us if you have questions, ideas or want to tell about your expectations,

There are places for some to get a reading, before the drum journey, "Get Your Power Animal / Animals". We do not need to be seen physically for this reading. You sign up for this reading, on the same form as you register for The Drum Journey.

Read more below, to learn more about this.


When you order a reading of your Power Animals, you will not just know your power animal but also you will know the basics of how to begin to work with your power animal. This knowledge means that you will gain in-depth knowledge about yourself and your divine opportunities. Your power animals are here for you and they know more about your greatest powers than you had a clue about. So start now. As soon as you have received this reading with instructions on how to start working with your power animal, you begin a new journey in your life, a journey about all the hidden and most fundamental of your true and divine being in your life here and now, your life is now and you have so much more to explore within you, that will give you an abundance of magic and enchanting experiences.

Get it now - you are so welcome!

And to get the reading, before the Drum Journey, "Get Your Power Animal/Animals". We do not need to be seen physically, for this reading, you just sign up for this reading, on the same form as you register for Drum Journey.

"When you learned how to contact your power animal or your power animals, you will be developed and transformed!"

- Freja Enjoy/ WolfEye Dances with Dolphins

The Sha-ma-ma/Shaman Drum Journey with FREJA.

To do the Sha-ma-ma/Shaman Drum Journey with FREJA.
Shaman Drum Journey, Insight weekends give you an overall experience, by contacting your own inner, your own inner wisdom and/or other dimensions of yourself, if you so desire. These trips/insights can be life-changing. You will get a complete guide all the way, with information, guidance and follow-up, all participants in these groups receive personal/spiritual guidance and the opportunity to ask questions and get additional guidance after the Shaman Drum journey. Everything is absolutely safe, safe and confidential, and you choose what you want to talk about, and know more about.
Arrival Friday to Stenungsund: Presentation and information on Saturday's Shaman Drum Journey, Insight trip and weekend program, swimming in the ocean if you like, and an exclusive healthy vegan dinner, beautiful forest walking after dinner. Saturday: Shaman Drum Journey, Insight Journey + sharing of the experiences. Beautiful swimming in the ocean, and Wildlife Dinner Outdoors. Sunday: Update of Light Codes and Light Body. Presentation of upcoming Insight's trips abroad, and information about other weekend experiences. Swim in the ocean and Fraiche Summer Lunch. A Beautiful Closing Ceremony.  
We take Max participant 12, for the highest personal quality for the participants on our drum journey`s.
This is a great weekend!
Choose between these weekends, and make your decision now before the places are taken: 17-19 / 8; 24-26 / 8; 7-9 / 9 and 14-16 / 9.
Do you have questions write to: frejaenjoy@gmail.com, then you will receive an answer!
*/ with reservation for changes.


Freja Enjoy and her Dimensional Ecology

Freja Enjoy and her Dimensional Ecology comes from her field work and research of the sound wave's influence of the human brain. Freja entered a deep trans when she sat and participated in a guest lecture in Anthropology at Uppsala University, this was 1990.

   At that same year, she was in the Smålandian ancient  deep forest,  in Sweden,  and practiced ancient techniques to transform herself as a human being, including the death rituals, which means that you lay in your own grave down the earth and get to know "what's up", together with shaman medicine people from indian tribes in US. 

    After this guest lecture, at the University of Uppsala in Sweden,  by a musicologist and priest as a scientist in the Xhosa people's ceremonies / rituals, he had recorded a secret company of Diviners, only Women with First Class medial abilities, who played and sang. They did not let people anyone record their music, but after 3 years, this researcher could have a yes, to record them. It was After this music Freja,  It was this recorded music that put Freja in deep trans! At the same time, Freja drew a Big Eye in front of her in her notepad! Her classmates wondered how it meant.

   Freja's exams, Freja's thesis work in Anthropology was an in-depth study of how these Shaman Women / Ngomas perform themselves in trans and performing help/aid/support,  work, for individuals and the whole community, using music arcs and how they evolve over tones, this is sound on other vibration that is so high that normal Ears do not hear this. Freja hears this, she has always been "hypersensitive" and perceived sound waves that others do not hear or understand were/what  about these.

   Diviners in the Xhosa culture of Africa and Freja received telepathic contact, and this was sacred and sectret contact, that Freja had, have,  with these Shaman Women/ Diviners/ Ngomas. Freja's work on this research was questioned, not least because these were hugely powerful women that pointed light on the dark spots,  she worked and researched very hard and was also helping the hole university structure by her work, Freja had a position that was Exposed and dangerous.

  Freja herself was also questioned because she was such a powerful woman with extraordinary qualities, talents and gifts. That women must be 100% tougher, better, stronger and more beautiful than men to be accepted, yes, everyone knows this today.
“You must also agree to be directed to make your voice heard in 3D society! But I do not exist in 3D matrix/paradigm, I exist in multiuniverse, The soul does not care, it is meaningless to the soul what the patriarch says !!! I am a soul not a Model! I make soul travel and I see other people souls, we live in a wonderful time now where huge numbers of people wake up spiritually and know that they are souls, I work tirelessly to get as many people as possible to wake up, and in Sweden there are Many who do not even know they are souls! My work is tough, but I return more often and more often to my home in  Hawaii now, when I have managed to implant light in many places in Sweden, a work I have been doing for many years now, I have performed Holy/Sacred Ceremonies and I prayed for those who are stuck in their darkness.

   That work is the toughest light work you can take, but I had decided my work before I came to this earth's life, and knew I could do it, even if when you go through your own transformations you can feel deeply exposed to big Test.”

   Freja never lets herself be ruled by other people. Freja is guided by her inner voice, her higher self and her intuition.

/ Freja Enjoy, WolfEye Dances with Dolphins, is a -  Medical anthropologist, practicing shaman with a self-made shaman drum. Freja do her Drum Journey`s only On special occasions, spiritually important.

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FREJA ENJOY performing a SACRED CEREMONY in MAUI, Hawaii 2017.
FREJA ENJOY performing a SACRED CEREMONY in MAUI, Hawaii 2017.